Holiday Madness

I was checking the blogs of my fellow WordPress bloggers when I noticed the snow fall animation on their pages. Everyone seems to have one, except mine.  I don’t intend to discover the settings responsible for the virtual snow fall, it’s fine.  Although at some point, I  have this feeling that my blog is uniting with my self-imposed holiday sadness.

I spent Christmas the usual way. I was at home with my family. We have a bit of an extravagant lunch at home. Ever since I started working, I gave my Nanay additional budget for a set of a great holiday meal. This year we had Kare Kare, green mangoes, shepherd’s pie, homemade tacos and meat ball spaghetti for merienda.

On Christmas eve, I went to mass with Nanay. We also had a sumptuous dinner with the entire family.  Our Christmas celebration is simple but I know, this is more than enough. The fact that I still have my complete family is already a great blessing that I should be thankful for.

However, when Christmas day was about to end, I felt that surge of sadness again. I can’t figure out the forces responsible for my holiday sadness. I know, I’m in the right place. I know that my family will always be the reason for my happiness. But even though I’m so blessed to have them, why do I feel that degree of sadness.  Is my age responsible for everything? Am I tired of celebrating Christmas at home? Is it because of my usual Christmas environment? Is it because I’m missing some friends? Is it because of the bills to pay for the next three years?  Perhaps, I’m just focusing my attention to the things I don’t have. In effect, I’m losing the opportunity of becoming happy to the things I have.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Madness

  1. I was about to tell you how the snow fell from the window until you said you didn’t need it. Haha. What’s the problem? You know what, don’t think about the problems. Hindi yan tatakbo. Secret to problem solving is not by thinking too hard. kaya mo yan! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. if you want snow, just follow these instructions from wordpress:

    1.Go to your dashboard.
    2.Navigate to Settings » General.
    3.Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”

    the snow will appear until jan 4. better hurry. 🙂

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