A promise

If the world will end today….

Apparently, it didn’t.

I spent the day at home and treated my Mother for a mall date. At first, I was happy and excited. It’s that rare opportunity where I can give a day off to the most important persons in my life. However, some forces emerged that challenged my patience to the extreme.

First, my debit card got “debited” because of the cashier’s stupidity.. Fine, it’s mistake. Though everything was documented and reported to the bank already, I just hate the inconvenience of this mistake.

As I was buying gifts for my parents, I had that classic and recurring realization of money’s irony.  Hard to earn but easy to spend. In less than an hour,  my Php 1,500 is gone. Whew!

As we got home, my Father tried the trousers I bought for him. It didn’t fit. When we were purchasing the trousers, my Mother was insisting the smaller size. I kept on telling her it wouldn’t fit.  My mother won. But when we got home, I won. I was ranting that I don’t want to return to the mall anymore. It’s additional cost and over the past days, all I wanted to is to stay home and finish a current freelance job.

Life, oh life!

My promise to myself: This would be the last Christmas that I will rant about being broke.


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