New Journey Series : Now that I’m happy to grow old

Just a few hours before my once a year special day…

Unlike my other birthdays, this one is very different because of my New Journey Series.  This never happened to me and I never imagined that this financial struggle will affect me on my birthday and Christmas. What’s supposedly a merry season is turning out a great test for me.

For the first time, I’m projecting my expenses and income for 2013.  The first time I’m doing it is almost causing me gradual heart attacks. I was surprised of my expenses and all the bills to pay. Though to my biggest relief, I found my income still within the limits of my expenses. Whew! It’s just that now, my greatest struggle would be to fully comply with my budget and target. Gone are the days when I have excessive cash for shopping left every payday.

Part of me is nervous, worried and scared. However, I don’t have a choice anyway. I have to make things happen.

Today is payday and as I was allocating my hardworked turning diminutive pay,  I was surprised to discover that I don’t have enough money for our most awaited Christmas Family Day. Oh Dear God!

Meanwhile, to console my worried self I’m eating my favorite and cheap Chinese takeout, munching these tiny cupcakes given by my dear friend Abigail while reading this article.  The article is a great way to convince myself that aging is not bad after all. As I age, I will surely move away from this financial struggle.


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