New Journey Series : I crash in cash

When I started the New Journey series, all I wanted was to account my journey to eliminate my credit cards, settle my debts and achieve that level of financial independence. I just wanted a concrete documentation that I can look back two to three years from now.

I never imagined that these mere blogging documentation can help me understand my own financial struggle. One thing I learned is why I have so many cash during the past Christmas seasons. I have cash and at the same time, I have shopped for my much desired shoes, clothes and bag.

This year, I decided to start my journey of eliminating my credit cards. As much as I just want to tear them away, I can’t. I have to painfully endure each month to years settle my shopaholic attacks.  I was quite successful with my first step. I never used my credit cards over the past months, except for a few items for home. This year’s shopping’s strict shopping policy was pay everything in cash. I believe I was off to a good start. My recent shopaholic purchases were all paid in cash. (Lie! Except for the pair of shoes and bag I purchased a week ago)

Anyway, everything I shopped for Christmas was spent in cash. As I was complying with my self-imposed mission, I discovered something. I don’t have that much cash now. LOL Bad! Bad! Bad! You can surely understand the reason for my cash shortage.  I still have the same shopaholic attacks, it’s just that now, I’m using my debit card or cash, which is rather worst.

My debit cards act as a storage for my savings account.  Whatever I can keep every payday is stored in my two debit cards.  Supposedly, they should represent my level of liquidity and source of emergency funds. However, with the way things are going now, my emergency funds are used for another self-inflicted, self-centered and greedy shopaholic attacks.

Lesson learned, I have to remove my debit cards from my wallet starting today. Though at some point, I’m not comfortable of doing this because my debit cards provide me an immediate assurance in cases of emergency. The solution? Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

And still my greatest struggle


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