Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


While everyone in the other side of the world is experiencing the colder temperature,  the opposite happens in my place.

Living in the Philippines means having only two seasons.  While our neighboring countries such as China, Japan and Korea are blessed to experience the four seasons.

To be honest, I never loved the “always summer” season in my country. The only time that it gets really cold here,  at least in our region,  is when we are stricken by a threatening and heavy typhoon. Other than that, the entire year means having summer everyday. The temperature tends to lower on the months of January to December. Over the past years however, I can’t feel that much awaited shift in temperature. Global warming and climate change? Perhaps.

My friends in Europe and US are wishing for that warm of sunshine. In my case however, I’m wishing for a little of what they have been complaining. Life’s greatest ironies as they say, but I believe life always work that way.

The picture was taken in my Auntie’s house. You might not believe it, but it was taken during Christmas.


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