Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s theme got me thinking for a while.  While I have tons of pictures stored in my struggling netbook, it took me some minutes to think and choose the right photo for the challenge.

When I read it’s about reflections, I thought that it would mean sharing pictures that gave me some realizations about life. Upon reading the post, I realized that I was totally out of context. I should share a photo that literally relayed reflections.

I almost decided not to join the challenge because I don’t recall having photos that responded to the theme. However, after randomly opening old files and folders I encountered this photo.

It was taken two summers ago in Puerto Galera. It was my first time to see the island.  I’m not sure whether my photo would qualify for the requirement. My only saving grace here is the sunset that is also reflected on the cold and refreshing waters of the White Beach.

I guess no one would argue that one of the best places to view either sunrise or sunset would be the beach, lake or any body of water. The view is just perfect and I always run out of words to describe this piece of heaven on earth.

Either sunset or sunrise, I love both. Whenever someone asks me which do I prefer, sunrise or sunset? I honestly can’t choose. While sunrise gives me the promise of the new day, sunset gives me that calming and relaxing feeling that this day is over and it’s time for that much deserved rest.


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