Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

When I learned that the weekly photo challenge is all about green, the first thing that entered my mind was a garden away from the city. It should be a place blessed with lush greeneries of grass and trees. I already have the exact picture that I will be using for this post. It was just a matter of waiting to come home and check the drive where I store my gazillion of photo files. As I was browsing my pictures folder, my attention was diverted to another piece of greenery.

The place was still paradise, but it wasn’t away from the city. This paradise was a ride away from home. In fact, I passed by this place everyday on the way to work. This happens to be the resting place of my dearest friend, Anna. For those who have been reading my posts, I blogged about her several times here. Actually, among all my friends, it was Anna that I often blog about. In like manner, that she’s my only friend who regularly reads my posts.

I know this is not the right time to write about sad things. Christmas is almost everywhere. To my dearest friend Anna, I want you to know that I’m trying to live life without you. I would like to believe that I’m getting used to it. However, when something shows up to remind me of you, everything seems to turn around. Like we have always promised, please guide and pray for me too. I know I should no longer burden and disturb you but at this point, I really need someone to pray for me.

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