Please don’t give Education a bad name

My fellow Filipinos are surely updated with that latest You Tube sensation. I won’t mention her name here. She has unfortunately gained that enough unwanted attention. I won’t even link up the video that mutated to parodies that gave sudden fame to a few.

I don’t have intentions of rendering my own point of view of who should be blamed.  I’ve been equally tired and entertained of hearing both the sensible and useless opinions. So what’s the point of writing this post? I wanted to dwell on a critical belief that most “educated” people tend to overuse.

I finished school. I’m educated. I have a college degree. In effect, I deserve every piece of respect in the world.

This is the greatest misconception that mankind has ever equated to Education. I will hold on to my belief that people who use their “Education” as an access card to their self-imposed respect is giving Education a bad name.

Education should never be seen as a status symbol, security blanket and a gateway to gain respect.  Kids and those who are blessed to own a college degree, please don’t use the name of education in vain.

While the law dictates that every kid should be sent to school, we all know that reality doesn’t work that way.  Education rather turned as a privilege to a few. In that case, I hope kids would rather see Education as a rare and noble chance to improve one’s life. Education never became a right. It clearly became a rare blessing.

Given that gift of Education, I hope those who are claiming to be “educated,” should rather feel blessed and humbled. I feel that education should be valued than bragged. Education should be treated as a blessing that should be shared and not as a license to demean and demand that self-imposed respect.

My fervent plea to everyone who were blessed with a college degree, please value your education like a priceless treasure. Instead of using your education to gain that respect, for a change,
live a life that will prove that you are indeed deserving for that rare and priceless education.

2 thoughts on “Please don’t give Education a bad name

  1. a diploma is just a piece of paper. it can open doors, but that’s all about it. what will keep you inside is luck plus your ability to demonstrate the knowledge that you have learned.

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