Too much on my plate

Fine, this is just one of those days that I should not rather document. But the stubborn and frustrated writer in me refuses to follow rules. I’d rather rant away and maximize my airtime in the blogosphere while it is still being free. Oh WordPress please! Don’t take away the last few things that keep the last strands of my sanity.

I arrived at the office late because I started my unhealthy lifestyle again. I only slept for 5 hours because I have to prepare my lecture. It’s my first time to handle this advance subject so I need more preparation and studying to do. My current assignment in the office is running smoothly. The only constraint I see is as always, to beat the deadline. Nevertheless, I can feel that I can manage each phase of my job. Thank God.

I teach after my 8 am to 5 pm office work. I have been blessed with good kids this semester. I handled them already in another subject and I have proven that they are one of the best college kids that every professor would ever wish for. Having been blessed with good kids, I feel both challenged and obliged to provide them with the best education they deserve.

As I started to render my lecture, all the while I thought I was fully prepared. I was able to finish my lecture, but I felt disappointed because I know that it wasn’t my best. My discussion demands its own points for improvement. Sigh.. I hope the kids will not be able to read this.

After having a bad day at work, all I wanted is to head home straight and finally forget about everything. I can finally call it a day not until I saw the pile of bills arranged near the netbook I’m using to type this post. Another huge sigh here….

I opened the envelopes and even though I know what to expect, the papers acted like poison gas that weakened my knees and planted another set of worries that occupied my mind and heart. All I want to say now is I have too much on my plate.


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