Sixteen thousand pesos

A few months ago I encountered a “retweet” from a previous student. As much as I wanted to screen shot that tweet, I think it’s best if I do some paraphrasing. The college kid tweeted

This day was so sinful. Spent Php 16,000 just for food @girlfriend @brother

My initial reaction was, whew! They can splurge an amount of money that can already survive a family with a kid for a month. I admit that part of me was envious because having Php 16,000 in my hands would mean waking up early to avoid the early morning traffic, finding my space in a crowded train, conditioning myself to beat deadlines for my office work, handling a bunch of restless and a few rude college kids, leaving the office late, checking examination papers, sleeping for less than 8 hours and waking up early with the hope of a better day.

I know that the kid came from a wealthy and famous family from the South. He was my previous student and I heard all stories about him. He is a perfect depiction of what they call as a bratty kid and I had my own taste of it. He cares for his iPhone and other mobile phones, more than his status in class. He left me with some rude and disrespectful words. I have forgiven him, but never forgotten of course. History will remain as history.

If he can disrespect his own teacher, he could definitely extend his “attitude” among his classmates. Again, I’m a personal witness on how he shouted back to a fellow male classmate, who was peeking at his new iPhone. He even rendered a sarcastic remark to a female classmate. For some reason, I feel that males should be more careful when they deal with females. Call it a biased perception because I’m a member of a female populace, but men who disrespect women are one of my greatest pet peeves.

Money is powerful. To some extent, I admit that it can give you that level of happiness. But when this college kid tweeted what seems to be shedding off Php 500 for Php 16,000, I was given a little enlightenment.

Unfortunately, there are still some things that money can’t actually afford.

So there, thank you dear-former-student-who-spent-sixteen-thousand-pesos-for-a-day, for the reminder.

2 thoughts on “Sixteen thousand pesos

  1. Grabe. He must be so well-off talaga! Haha. Thanks for that reminder as well 😉 Oh by the way, new look for your blog! Pretty! 😉

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