Is it too much to ask for these?

In one boring and frustrating weekend, I found myself thinking of my upcoming birthday, which is still two months away. LOL I guess this is what happens when you are drowning yourself with sad thoughts, self-pity, hopelessness and quarter-life crisis. You tend to search for things that would make you happy.

Armed with my iPad and fast wifi connection, I challenged myself. I forced myself to write down my birthday wishes. It sounds easy peasy but to add twist to the challenge, I decided to limit my wishes to non-material things. I’ve been blinded with temporary happiness from shoes, clothes, bags and other material wealth. The great evidence to this is my New Journey series. I’d like to believe and convince myself that there are better things more than all those expensive gifts. So here’s my list,

1. My great crush Jeremy Lin @jlin7 to greet me on Twitter – I know it’s too shallow. But this would awaken the dying teenage-crush-giddy-moment in me. For those who want to help me in granting this dream, you can see my twitter account on the lower left menu. LOL

2. Birthday cake and candle to blow – You see, I’m a grown up who remains to be very kid at heart. A surprise birthday cake would really make me happy.

3. Heart warming letter – Nothing beats a personally handwritten letter! Whoever has the heart and patience to write and send me a handwritten letter, I will really appreciate it.

4. Birthday Card – As much as possible, not the e-card. The classic Hallmark card full of birthday greetings from my colleagues, friends (if possible) students will do.

I remember years ago, I always create DIY cards for my friends for their birthdays. I would circulate the cards among our other friends for their messages. If I can, I would even ask their crushes to sign on the card. Not that I’m asking the favor to be returned, but I feel that if someone made an effort to do it for me.. I would be the happiest.

5. Major Freelance Work – I want additional income. Well, who doesn’t? However, I would really appreciate if it would come from a freelance work or project. Freelance work provides me self-worth and new learning opportunities.

6. Great Picture – I don’t own a decent solo picture. I hated my graduation portraits. All of them, unfortunately. Before I turn 30, I really want a decent picture that can boost that dwindling facial self-confidence. LOL

7. New friends -in the blogosphere, workplace and my limited social community.

8. Lost lbs – This has been my dilemma over the past years.

9. One great book – I would like to believe that there will be a book that can exemplify or at least reflect my own sentiments. Hopeless romantic attacks? Perhaps.

10. Call from the heart – It’s been a while or I guess years since I received a call that changed my day. It made me feel special, loved and happy. Most of time, my phone caters to work related calls and favors. Sometimes, it’s different when something is said than written.

11. A blog post for me! – I believe this is way far from reality. Why? For one, my friends don’t blog. Second, I can count my friends who really read my blog. Writing is not just for my friends. I doubt if they would even create a blog for my birthday.

12. My secret crushes to greet me – I guess no explanations are needed here. LOL

13. Call or text from a long lost friend – I lost some friends because of work and distance. I really miss them, especially those who have been with me in those trying moments of my life.

14.Β  DIY gifts – I know I should be avoiding material things here. But I believe that DIY gifts don’t count. It would really make me happy when someone will took the patience, time and effort to make me that art from the heart.

15. Words of gratitude – Birthdays in the Philippines would always mean being teased to treat everyone for a great meal. For a change, I would really like to receive words of gratitude and appreciation on my birthday.

16. Great breakfast – We all know that breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. I think it is not too much to ask for this on your day.

17. Another research opportunity – Ever since I’ve been transferred to another office, my nature of work changed. I lost the opportunity to author a research. I really hope that I will be given a research writing assignment. Research and writing would always remain as my firsts love.

18. Research publication – I’ve been wishing and praying for this. Hopefully, an international academic journal will accept my humble research before it finally deteriorates.

19. Clear and stress free skin – I recently noticed that I’m starting to develop fine lines near my eyes. My exaggerated reaction was I almost wanted to cry. If someone can erase it, please do it. Otherwise, I will be contented to a pimple free and oil free skin.

20. Happy parents and family – While it’s my special day, I hope my parents and special brother would also be stress free and happy on my day.

21. To make someone happy – I intend to share happiness on my birthday. Hence, making someone happy will also make me happy.

22. Guilty pleasures – Translation: Food While I would love to lost some lbs, I wanted to savor my day by enjoying my favorite dishes.

23. Rock on a great outfit – Yeah! LOL I’m a proud member of the female populace but skirts and dresses were never my thing. I love to be on jeans, flats and shorts if I could accumulate the needed confidence.

24. Great hug – Of course the wholesome version πŸ™‚ let’s reserve the opposite for someone else like Jeremy Lin, Channing Tatum LOL

25. Blog feature – May not be for this blog, but for my other blog to get featured in another blog

26. Great blog post – I believe it’s been a while since I made one.

27. Major opportunity at work – Aside from the research, I really wish that I’ll be given a project where I can learn new things and prove that I can also make things happen.

28. Great time with family and friends – I could not ask for more.

29. The fulfillment of that one great wish

6 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask for these?

  1. Mukang madami dami a? Haha. Sure ako magiging masaya at fulfilling ang iyong birthday, not just with those granted wishes on your wishlist but most importantly because you reached that age! Hahah. God bless! πŸ˜€

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