In less than 10 years of working…

In my less than 10 years of working, I have my own share of encounters with different types of colleagues. Some of them left traces of happiness and success. A few let us say, contributed much in making me a tougher and patient employee. I really hope so. haha

To those who have been reading my blog over the past years, you might remember some of my rants about my not-so-good colleagues. It’s only now that I realized that I blog about my hated colleagues more often. While I felt disheartened in my previous post about how most students remember their worst than their great teachers, I realized that even myself don’t practice what I preach. In the case of my colleagues, I often blog about those who served as hindrances and thorns in my heart. Perhaps, as a point of improvement, I should also consider sharing my colleagues who served as blessings for me. If there are? (Just kidding!)

But for now, consider this post as another outburst of a long suppressed emotion.

Over time, I learned to deal and handle different colleagues. As I have said, some of them are cooperative, while some are challenging. To sum up all the encounters I made, allow me to share those who will always become special in my mind and heart. LOL

1. Empty Cans – Adapted from the saying, empty cans make a lot of noise. You see, there will always be people who are blessed with the enduring energy to brag and complain. They prefer to use their mouths than their brains.

2. Superiority Complex – I always thought that it’s only inferiority complex. I first heard of this disorder? from a professor who happens to be a colleague as well. So when can we say that someone possesses superiority complex? When a person think, speaks and acts as if he’s the most knowledgeable person in the workplace, that is a sure symptom of Superiority Complex.

3. Rotten tomatoes – Those whose life has been full of complaints, crankiness and pessimism in mind, heart and action. They don’t support new projects and initiatives. They would rather rant, complain and bad mouth management efforts to improve the organization. They start and spread all the negative vibes in the organization.  Unfortunately, they have the power to infect fellow employees with their pessimism. Hence, they are called the rotten tomatoes.

4. It’s all about the money, money, money! – These are the employees who works and lives for payday. Employees are always seeking for honoraria for additional work and financial incentives form this exclusive group. They need to be hammered by money to work.

5. User friendly, friendly user –  There are some colleagues who recognize your name and existence only when they need something from your office, position or professional capability. You are only good as when you are needed. They make friends with you only when they need something.

6. Position and Achievement empowered – I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who became casualties of these colleagues. You used to be friends with them when you are still on the same rank and position. However, when promotion and position came,  you suddenly became strangers to each other. Worst, he suddenly imposed that he is the God and you are a bunch of stupid slaves.

Another way to experience these type of colleagues are among the few who love to impose  sir, madam and all those titles whenever you address them. It’s a mortal sin to forgot any of their titles and position.

7. Plasticity – The workplace is never free from these type of people. They are scattered everywhere and I believe they are sisters with the User friendly, friendly user. You thought you were friends? You thought she was really nice? Cyberstalk her from her Facebook or Twitter account.

8. The  Bootlickers – Do I need to explain? I know someone who worked her way to her position because of continuously bootlicking someone who was once powerful in the workplace. Sometimes I call them as the best strategists. They know who to bootlick. They know who can provide them the best advantage.

I believe I have encountered more unique colleagues. It’s just that if I would identify them all, one blog post might not be enough. LOL On my next post, I promise, I blog about more positive thoughts.

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