New Journey Series : The Significant Other

I shared in my first New Journey series the budget and expenditure monitoring device implemented by my colleague turned friend, Wella. A self-made Microsoft Excel file enabled her to track, predict and balance her own earnings and expenditures. While I initially thought it was an exaggerated attempt, I later realized that the tool is something I will be needing.

I made my own Microsoft Excel file that will monitor my daily expenditures.  In my case however, I focused on monitoring my expenses. I prepared a monthly sheet that itemizes and summarizes my daily expenditures.

On my initial weeks, I became the diligent disciple. I ensured that I opened my netbook before going to sleep, despite being dead tired after working for 12 hours. I was very consistent over the first three weeks. Unfortunately, some goods things must come to an end for me. I later turned to an inconsistent and consistently lazy disciple of my own mission. I started to skip days to record my expenses.  These days later turned to weeks, months to never as of date. Phew!

Why did I gradually abandoned my own mission? I guess part of it is my exhaustion from my 12 hours of working schedule. Who wouldn’t get tired of working 12 hours a day and reporting for work at 7 am the next day?
But you see, I know for myself that willingness and determination can break all forms of hindrances. Perhaps, I’m not totally ready to my self-declared journey. The New Journey might only exist in my mind as a need, but not as a goal to accomplish and live each day.

To compensate for my lousiness and laziness though, allow me to share the results of the first few weeks of my diligence. What I discovered from tracking my spending habits are the following

1.  My daily budget for work is no longer enough after 5 years of working. Having a degree in Economics, I stupidly forgot about inflation and price changes.

2.   Much of my income are used to pay debts.  (Ouch!) This trend will continue over the next three years.

3.  I would be able to save something from my daily budget from work if I would shop for my snacks in supermarkets, than the convenient 7-11 outlet outside the school or the expensive snacks in the school’s cafe.

4. Savings is gradually becoming less of a priority. (Oh Dear God, this can’t be!)

Finally and the most important of all

5. The greatest percentage of my daily budget are spent and for the significant OTHERS.  To expound further, this  includes my food indulgences, impulse purchases,  shopping for new clothes and a lot of things that ended up as unnecessary. (Another huge ouch here!)

What to do next? I know what should be done but as always, the determination, perseverance and consistency to make this a successful journey remains to be real challenge.

While the story of this journey remains to be unwritten, I’m hoping that my next posts will relate my much needed improvement.

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