What kind of teacher do you have?

Something is telling me that I should stop extending my social media life to my students. It started with Twitter where I was able to discover my own can of worms. Recently, some of my students found me in Facebook. I added them in my list and I admit there are advantages and disadvantages of extending our contact in social media.

One of my students posted this status message in his account

“What kind of teacher do you have? Go ahead, answer the question guys.

Being one of his teachers, I checked the comments and I was surprised with the thread of harsh words I read

I felt sad and disappointed. I may not be the subject of their complaints but it pains me to know that most kids remember the worst and not the best of their teachers.


4 thoughts on “What kind of teacher do you have?

  1. Grabe. Plenty of harsh words. But sometimes, it’s the negative part that people, students usually remember. Hindi naman natin sila mako-control. Pero minsan ganon talaga ang tao. Nakakalungkot lang.

  2. grabe,nakakainis ung mga ganyang estudyante..though,minsan,di naman natin sila masisi kase may mga teacher nga kasi na sadyang ganyan..pro majority pa rin naman ng teachers eh ginagawa ang lahat para matuto mga students nia eh..ang mga estudyante ngaun kse,kng ndi mo pupukpukin,ndi kikilos,ndi magpupursige!

  3. Tsk. Pero as a student, ganyan talaga ang reality. Pero I really admire yung mga professors ko na terror. Mas terror, mas challenging at tumutulong pa sa akin to strive harder.

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