Another day

Three days ago, I was running late on the way to work. I woke up late because I can feel every inch of tiredness from my everyday 12 hours of work schedule. Seriously, I can’t imagine how I lasted for a month working for 12 hours while having less than 4 hours of sleep. Added to it the unnecessary excess baggage I related on my previous post.

As I was hastening everything, the heavens connived with me. There was no traffic and I found a comfortable seat in a jeepney.

Less than a kilometer to the train station, the jeepney which I thought as my tardiness-record-life-saver encountered an unfortunate accident.  Another jeepney took advantage of  the clear lanes and lesser volume of vehicles.  The jeepney kept on swerving and played with the speed limit rules. And you know what happens next…

The reckless jeepney driver lost control over his brakes.  He ended up bumping the jeepney, where I was comfortably seated.  As a result, the right rear side of the jeepney went almost devastated.  The warning lights broke and its components turned as threatening fragments along the road.

My fellow passenger, who was seated on the rear side, became the first casualty. When we alighted from the jeepney, I saw her being assisted by her friend. They were removing all those broken glass segments on her body.

As I moved out of the devastated jeepney, I realized that there were other casualties. I saw broken parts of a bicycle and the glass window of a nearby flower shop was equally devastated.

Though I was still shocked of everything, my presence of mind prevailed, so I was able to transfer to another jeepney.

I was able to reach work and my class safely. I was 30 minutes late though. As I was waiting for my students to finish their quiz, that’s only when I realized that I almost lost my life.  I started to have that unusual cold sweat and my knees started to weaken.

I was too occupied with my teaching responsibilities. I know this became one of those days when I realized that I only have one life. But then again, saying it is way different than living it.

At the end of the day, the least that I can offer is to thank Him for giving me another day to live.

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