Weekends, my new favorite time of the week. I used to hate staying home. I used to hate home because that would mean being stuck bored and idle for two days. At that time, I haven’t felt any form of stress over work as I was starting to enjoy the new chapter of my life. When I took my MBA, I never hated the idea of losing my Saturdays because I enjoyed my studies and the company of my own set of great friends.

When this chapter of my life ended, I started to gradually appreciate my weekends. I was challenged with a new boss and I started to receive teaching assignments. The new work changed me. I finally felt the real meaning of being stressed out. Hence, every weekend became my most awaited time of the week.

I love weekends because it gave me the opportunity to recover my much needed sleep. When I have classes, especially if I handle Research and new subjects, I usually sleep for an average of 4 hours. Sometimes, even less than that. I overcompensate myself every weekend, which I know is unhealthy.

I love weekends because it’s the only time of the week when I don’t have caffeine and sugar in my body. My 12 hours of work made me gain those unhealthy lbs. From 120 lbs, I ballooned to 140 lbs in a span of 2 years. I don’t drink coffee but Coke has been the culprit of my expansion. Coke has been my energizer and it keeps me awake on those quiet afternoon at work. To some extent, I considered Coke as a treat to myself.

When I’m at home during the weekends, Coke is banned as I have health conscious aging parents. Even fruit juices are restricted. We settle for water and I’m happy with that set up. At least I have a day to rest my system from all the sugar intake. Aside from the “coke less” day, I’m also served with great and healthy meals during the weekends. I have my much needed intake of vegetable and enough meat. Unlike work days when I have to rush and feed myself with microwaved meals at 7-11.

When I’m at home, I don’t have to worry about my clothes and hormonally imbalanced skin. As long as I get my much needed long weekend bath, I can survive the entire day.

When I’m at home, life seems to be so simple. My family, comprised of  my Daddy, Nanay and special brother, already completes my day. For some reason, a level of contentment thrives in me whenever I’m with them.

But I guess the main reason why I love weekends is because I’m starting to appreciate the value of my family. As I age, I met people who were for keeps and those who came because of their self-vested interest. When I’m at home, I know I’m with the people, whom I can entrust everything. When I’m at home, I know I’m safe from all the bashers, harsh and stark words. When I’m at home, I receive my much needed respect, despite being the youngest.  When I’m home, I know I’m with the people who loves me, despite of the despites and inspites. When I’m at home, my heart knows that it is at home, to where it truly belongs.

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