Can of worms

When you are exhausted with issues about work and family life, the last thing you wanted to hear is another slap of stark words.

And yes, I admit. I’m guilty of ranting again. As much as I want to dwell on the happier side of life, reality forces to burst out another heavy source of heartache? And no, I’m not talking about romance and relationships here.

I was given additional teaching assignments, roughly two months before the semester will end. One of my best colleagues was unfortunately stricken by a disease that forced her to leave her much loved profession.  She is a fellow educator known to a generation of students. Nothing can beat her relentless years of dedicated teaching.

My colleague is one of the best and I was challenged by the fact that I have large shoes to fill in. I will not claim that I’m doing my best to replace my colleague.  My 5 years is nothing to her 20 years. What I can humbly claim is the fact that I’m willing to make things happen. I’m accepting all the accompanying tasks and challenges that would come my way.

Unfortunately, I fail to foresee another major source of heartache from this additional assignment.

Just this morning, I accidentally discovered a Twitter account that belongs to one of my inherited students. For those who know me well, you are most likely familiar with a similar experience I wrote in my other blog. With just a click from a familiar person’s Twitter account, I was able to unearth my own can of worms.

Apparently, someone tagged me as epal in her tweets. She never mentioned my name but the time of her tweet provides a clear manifestation and direction to me.

She particularly said

Epal yung prof kpag late ako dun siya maaga. Kapag maaga naman ako dun siya late. BV

The tweet may not be intended for me.  I don’t know. If I will confront her, she would most likely deny or point another professor.  She could erase the tweet. There are countless ways to escape the situation when she is forced to squeal the person referred to her own set of stark words.

Setting aside the issue of whoever the professor she was ranting about, I have to say that no honest and hardworking professor should be treated that way.  No teacher ever deserves to be lambasted just because of a tardiness or attendance issue. In like manner that no student deserves to be baptized with harsh adjectives and names, simply because of tardiness issues.

I won’t deny the fact that I have my own set of tardiness records over the past meetings. As much as I wanted to shout out that I’m reporting for work for 12 hours the day before our class, such cannot be considered as a valid excuse. I accepted the job and I have to embrace all the corresponding responsibilities.

The thing that rather hurts me is when I was tagged as epal or as we define it

a person who will implement all means just to get all the attention in the world.

The only time I demand for everyone’s attention is whenever I render my lectures. Other than that, I prefer to remain silent and settle with my personal business. You only know me as your teacher. You know nothing about my life. Hence, it’s logical and easy enough to understand the fact that you don’t have the right to tagged me as such.

Perhaps she used the word to denote another meaning. She was agitated of the situation so she forced the blame on me. It was just a word of expression that was unfortunately coupled with blame and agitation.

I don’t know how to end this rant. All I know is that this day will remain as one of those instances when the profession I love gave me another dose of agony. And in case she is reading this, don’t worry this will never affect your grade. At your age, I understand the fact that passing the subject is more important than rendering even a little tact and respect.  

As always, I will accomplish my responsibility and bear the pain of its excess baggage.

2 thoughts on “Can of worms

  1. Hello Diane! Take heart. Kung para kanino mang professor ang message na ito, isa lang ang masasabi ko sa estudyante: Galing din tayo dyan at sorry na lang sya kasi wala syang choice. 😉 Hamo lang sya mag-rant. At the end of the day, the professor still has the last say because of course… the professor owns the stage 😀

    Don’t let these naughty students get you down. Sensible people know better than to believe them. Actually, in the end, they will realize that their words would fire back at them, if they (someday) become “good” persons.

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