When the teacher rants

I’ve been meaning to blog this suppressed sentiment. It’s been months since this happened but for some reason, I always fail to document my thoughts. Now that I’m having an extended weekend vacation, I have the time to finally escape the sentiment that has been occupying my stressed system.

Several months ago, I was required to attend a seminar about Business Plan Writing. The seminar gave me new ideas on how I could be a better Business Plan instructor. But given the fact that I don’t anymore teach Business Plan Writing, I’d rather reserve the knowledge to other profitable venture. Haha Hello freelance works! I’m ready and more equipped now.

We were blessed to be accommodated by a  knowledgeable and experienced speaker. He is an educator and a businessman at the same time. That’s what you call a perfect lethal master. Everything in the seminar went almost perfect not until a “beautiful” colleague raised her “important” opinion on the kinds of businesses that our college kids are pursuing. While colleague was expressing her touch-me-not prowess, I wished that her students heard what she said. Colleague was always claiming that she is proud of our college kids. She was always commending her students in her Facebook account. The pitiful and innocent college kids were made to believe that she is like a real concerned second mother.

Colleague criticized our college kids in front of the distinguished speaker. How about that? Colleague specifically pointed out that most of our students’ businesses lack depth and innovation. Our students’ businesses evolve only on turon, fish balls, bananacue and the like. How I wish the college kids really heard how she belittled their ideas. While I was equally disappointed, the speaker made the best answer. According to Mr. Speaker, we should teach our college kids to dream big businesses. It should be that way. However, we cannot discount the fact that mediocre business ideas don’t necessarily meant a waste of time. If the student can sell a bananacue ten times faster than all of his competitors, then there’s something extraordinary from an ordinary idea.  As to how the student turned the ordinary business idea to an extraordinary earning opportunity, consider that as an excellent component of a business plan.

In the few years I’ve taught Business Plan Writing, I’ve lived to the principle that there is no such thing as a useless business venture. Every business meant opening an opportunity. The real excellence in business planning emerges on how a student can unearth profit to an idea that is often belittled by some substance empty prowess. At the end of the day, successful businesses are not often defined by a unique idea. It’s how a student handles the idea that steers the business to success. In like manner that there is no such thing as a small business idea. Every idea represents  a tiny seed of opportunity. The real measure emerges on how a student will turn a seed to a productive tree that survives and profits over time.

Pardon this rant post. The teacher just want to speak her mind aloud.


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