Here comes the sun

This has been the consistent view from my room for the entire week.

My country has been badly stricken by monsoon rains over the past days.  This has been one of the greatest ironies that life has given me.  The number and extent of casualties can’t justify the fact that everything is blamed on what we perceived as a weak weather irregularity.

While the monsoon rains started to proliferate my country, our home was one of those who struggled with panic attacks and worries.  Everyone at home was restless. Though it was still clear and safe outside our home, everyone silently rendered their prayers.

I was lucky because I work for a school. The management decided to likewise suspend work. Hence, I was safe at home. I have my family and I have a home. I was thankful enough. However, aside from my parents, I was surprised to find another home. I received the most unexpected text messages from friends I haven’t seen from ages and a few colleagues. I found an extended home to people who remembered that I live in a flood prone area. Truth is, as much as I don’t want to blame the media, my hometown has always been placed in a bad light during the rainy season. My poor hometown is always introduced as a submerged city during the rainy season. If only my fellowmen could speak, I’m sure everyone wanted to shout that only 3% of the city’s municipalities become regular casualties of flooding.

Setting aside my personal rants, the main reason why I made this post is because I wanted to personally express my gratitude to my REAL FRIENDS. My few real friends are those who first expressed their concern even before the evil monsoon rain started to hit our place. They are my friends who never waited for the news.  I was further overwhelmed when a few of my friends extended their home to my family.  I literally and figuratively found a second home.

Allow me to mention my few real friends who first took the initiative to check on me

Melody – It has been ages since I last saw her. She is my college buddy and constant seatmate during exams.  Whenever a typhoon is about to hit the country, she never fails to make it as the first few persons who would check on me.

Former colleague P – When my family was hit by typhoon Ondoy, he was one of the few who texted me. He never fails to check whether I’m still floating and kicking alive.

Workplace Bestfriend T – She is my bestfriend in the workplace. We have been lunch buddies for 6 years and no one and can ever beat that. Dude, thank you for that one text message.

Girlfiend L – L is my ever “kuripot” (stingy)  friend. I never received any Christmas or Birthday gift from this girl. I’m not kidding! But girl, don’t worry! LOL You have beaten them for checking on me first.

My Big Boss – Thanks for always checking on me.

After I thanked these persons through a Facebook status message, I received another set of messages.  Some simply “liked” my status.  Some sent me smiley comments. Some suddenly popped in the chat box. I appreciate them. But more than the “likes” and “smileys” sent, my heart belongs to my few friends who extended their sincerest concern. Cliche as it may sound, but friendships are best tested during the most trying moments of our life. The people who would remember and  reach you first are those that are for keeps.

The storm, I mean the monsoon rains, are over. This was the view that woke me up this morning.

Here comes the sun! Thank you Lord.

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