A New Journey

One of my closest friends at the workplace once showed me her budgeting tool. It was a Microsoft Excel file that itemized her expenditures and the expected earnings (take note) for the entire year. Whoa! My jaw literally dropped for a few seconds. As I explored her budgeting tool, I noticed that there are two sheets in the Excel file. The first sheet tallies her estimated income and expenditures. The second sheet contains her actual expenditures. It served as her monitoring tool. At some point, I felt that it was an exaggerated attempt. To record your daily expenditures and stress yourself in complying with your targets are way too much.

While I was on house arrest  for the week, I had the opportunity to watch an interview with the famous financial guru, Francisco Colayco. The interview was so brief and I know that he has more to share. How I wish the man would be given a regular TV show in a local channel. In that way, he could reach out to more hardworking Filipinos, who want nothing but financial independence.

While I was listening to Colayco’s advises, I realized that I can be one of his perfect example. Perfect case study for a lousy employee. I was awaken by how much money I’ve thrown away over the past years. I was alarmed by the money I splurged for shopping, not realizing that they could have been productive investments by now. If only I was cautious and prudent enough, I would have been richer by how poorer I see myself now.

I admit that I’m in serious financial trouble now. I can still support my family and personal expenses. I can save a little for my savings account.  However, the swipes and unnecessary spending over the past years are reincarnating as ghosts that haunted me over the past days.

I will not deny the fact that I wanted to get rich. Well, who doesn’t? Call me selfish but I want to earn more than enough for my family. I wanted financial stability for my parents, brother and my single self.  But with the way things are going now, this dream is far from reality.

I’m now given my own bitter pill to tenderly chew and swallow. I don’t want to remain in this blackhole. So starting today, I will be implementing my own financial monitoring device as well. I badly needed it. I have a feeling that I’m spending more than what I actually earn. Hence, this is the main reason why those plastic devices became my best friends over the past years. What I used to perceive as an overrated and exaggerated monitoring device turns out to be one of my newest friends.

To my dear blog friends who are reading this post, please pray for me and wish me well.  I wanted to uplift myself. I wanted to become a living proof that even rank and file employees are capable to draw and execute their roadmap to financial independence. As I journey to my much needed financial liberation, expect more posts on this struggle. Hopefully, the journey’s ending will resemble the conclusion of my Crayola series. Hopefully, things and life will be better for me.

3 thoughts on “A New Journey

  1. Good luck with it. Your goals will be easier to meet when you have something on paper (or in an Excel document), forcing you to hold yourself accountable. Someone posted a quote on FB today that was something like “Not having something today to have what you want tomorrow isn’t sacrifice. It’s an investment.”

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