Please don’t hate me

Dear Readers,

I think I should examine myself first. Do I really own readership to make this letter. Otherwise, this should become a letter to myself. haha Anyway, in case I have concerned readers, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for wasting your time in my tiny space in the blogosphere. You just don’t know how each new follower, hits and comments can make me happy. My happiness even overflows whenever I see my blog linked to the reading list of other blogs. Saying that I’m happy is even an understatement. I can’t find the right words to describe that giddiest feeling.

I don’t know what made you subscribe to my blog. I would be glad to know but as of now, I’m happy to know that you are reading this. The real reason why I wrote this letter is to beg for your patience and understanding whenever I publish sponsored posts like this and this. Please allow me to explain myself.

When I started this blog, my ever selfish intention was to earn money. However, let me defend myself. When I started blogging, I never really ventured for the monetary returns. I joined the blogging community because I love to write and as I have said, I always prefer to express my sentiments in the vernacular of writing. However, I lost that interest in blogging for some time. I was occupied with my dream of finishing my masteral studies. This is actually one thing I regret. If only I pursued blogging, I have already achieved a deep archive of 7 years.

When I finally received my hard earned degree, destiny led me to where my heart truly belongs… in writing. I decided to blog again. However, the situation now was different because I was coupled with my dream to recover my expenses in studying. I wanted additional sources of income aside from my day job. When I discovered that blogging provides this opportunity, my desire to blog again intensified. I was all set to write again.

I found a number of convincing, inspiring and earning bloggers. I was made to believe that I can make it happen to myself. It was true but not in the soonest possible time. In case you have noticed, I started this blog in 2010. I was armed with my great dream of earning from doing something I love the most. Unfortunately, the opportunity to earn didn’t come easy. I applied for Payu2blog and never received any response from them. I tried other sites but none of them gave me a chance.

Despite the dwindling chance of monetizing my blog, I never gave up. I continued blogging and forgot my dream of earning. When I was already enjoying blogging, an opportunity to earn came. A proven organization gave me the chance I’ve been praying for. I applied for membership. I survived their screening process. I was sent with topics to write. I thought I was there. Well, just almost. I later learned that I have to compete with hundreds to thousands of bloggers for that one great paid writing task. It again took me sometime to understand the system and get my brakes. After a year of fighting tooth and nail, I started to win sponsored blog posts.

Please don’t hate me as I fulfill my long wished and hard earned dream. One thing I can always assure everyone is that this blog will never turn to a screaming marketing and advertising page. I love to earn from blogging. However, money will never defeat and overpower the existence of this blog.

I will continuously share more rants, complaints, frustrations and the rare blissful moments of my life.

Thank you for your understanding.


PS I already delete my sponsored posts after the company removed me from their list of qualified blogs.


8 thoughts on “Please don’t hate me

  1. you can try to include google ads in your blog. unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t allow it. you will need to move to good luck.

    in the meantime, i have linked you to my blog.

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