Someome finally told me that I’m inspiring

Big thanks to The Appletizer!

This blog rarely receives hits, visits and followers.  Check out the counted 40 precious followers I’ve gained after three years of blogging. But as I have mentioned many times, I’m happy and contented with my almost hidden existence in the blogosphere. I’m grateful with the counted people who dared to follow my rants, complaints and dramas.

Fine, I’m rendering another litany again. I owe this post to The Appletizer. As requested, here are  seven things you don’t know about me… yet

1. I juggle between two jobs. Hopefully it would become three.  I’m your typical rank and file employee. I have an 8 am to 5 pm job. After 8 hours of sitting, I accelerate my energy and brace myself to my part time teaching stints.

2. When I was in college, I have an unclear vision of my career. Perhaps this explain why I’m still your mediocre employee. However, after graduation, it dawned me that I wanted to be a teacher. I applied for a teaching post in my alma mater, only to get my first job rejection.

3. I forgot my dream to teach and pursued a career in Research. This made me happy because I was given the job that entails my first love, writing.

4. I finished my MBA years ago and this gave me the license to teach. Ever since I started teaching, I never stopped. I was fortunately given continuous teaching assignments.

5. I always worry about aging alone. This is the main reason why I wanted to earn and save more than enough for myself.

6. My international research presentation in Taiwan is so far my greatest yet most silent achievement in life. Only a few people in my family understand and know about it.

7. Every comment and new follower in this blog really makes me happy.
So there you go! Thank you The Appletizer!



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