An Open Letter to Bank B

Dear Bank B,

I have always been a firm believer of the fact that your institution serves as the market leader of the industry. I have high respect and trust in your banking services because I met a few of your great and hardworking employees.  After so many years and because I had the need to open an account in one of your branches, I was looking forward on developing that  great banking experience. In fact, the idea of transferring my savings account to your bank came in my thoughts. I was considering it for the longest time. However, with the way things turned out a few weeks ago, I decided to stick with the bank that has been with me ever since I was 9 years old.

I had the need to open two accounts in your institution. The first was the savings account, which I detailed the story in my previous post. The second was a credit card which I intend to use as a replacement for an existing but useless credit line.

My new credit card was delivered two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I headed out to one of your branches when your courier came. This reminds me that if only the branch that catered me had more tellers, I would have reached home earlier. Hence, the courier had personally handed me my new credit card.

The courier handed my mother an authorization letter for me to fill out. The courier even promised that he would return the next day to collect the form and finally deliver my credit card. I trusted your courier’s words and I was really expecting for my card the next day. Unfortunately, two weeks have passed and Mr. Courier never returned. Phew!

Two weeks already entailed a significant waiting period. I decided to make a move. I phoned 89-100 to report my concern. I wanted to finally put a closure to all these disappointments. Unfortunately again and again and again, your phone banking line for credit card inquiries is working so well to the extent that  I was always placed on hold of the nine phone attempts I made. Way to go Bank B!

As much as I don’t want to contradict and complain to my friends, who are great employees of your institution, the kind of services I have been receiving from your end is becoming a pile of major disappointments.


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