Series of Unfortunate Events? Part II

And the saga continues here 🙂

After the minor accident and the long-awaited check up with the Orthodontist, I reached my major destination. I’m finally inside  Bank B. My main concern is simply to open a savings account. But for some reason, a certain level of excitement was thriving in me. I was very eager and excited to become one of Bank B’s millions of clients.

When I reached the premises of Bank B, I was overwhelmed with the number of clients waiting to be served. A few steps led me to the area for the new accounts. This later gave me my first disappointment for Bank B. 

There was no clear instruction to guide new clients.  The only thing clear to me was the requirements posted on the entrance of the teller’s cubicle. I was clueless of whom to approach and what should I do to be recognized as a prospective client. But I never gave up. I asked a fellow client of where should I line up for the new accounts. The old lady courteously instructed me to sign my name on the logbook provided near the entrance of the teller’s cubicle. As I was about to write my name, I was surprised with the number of written names. The two pages represent all the clients waiting to be served.

As much as I wanted to leave Bank B, I have no choice. I have the need to strictly open an account with them. I joined the agony of my fellow clients. Second score of disappointment was recorded!

Fortunately, I found a comfortable seat amidst the numerous clients. To keep me occupied and divert my attention to other positive things, I decided to take out my current read. However, my mind is starting to pile all the disappointments I had for the day. I looked around the premises of the bank and it was only during this time when I found the reason to the bulk of unserved clients. There was only one teller attending to the opening of new accounts. The idea that I had no choice prevailed on me. I chose to hold on to my dwindling patience.

After almost an hour, I spotted another teller directed to the new accounts section. I thought that her presence will hasten the turnover of clients. To my surprise, the other teller left his workstation. He headed out for the much-needed break he has been ranting. Third disappointment was recorded!

Though to be fair, I don’t blame the teller who has been demanding his much-needed break. The thing that rather frustrates me is the inability of Bank B to handle the bulk of unserved clients.

After more than an hour, my name was finally called. The moment of  heading to the client’s seat made me happy only until a fellow client informed me that she was called first. Phew! Fine…. Since I already left my seat, another waiting client occupied  it. I was left awkwardly standing and waiting… I felt stupid.

I don’t know if it was my stupid mistake. I can’t however decipher why one teller have to call  three consecutive names, if she can attend to only one client. The system really confused and made me feel stupid. Fourth disappointment was recorded!

The only consolation I received from Bank B was the decent customer service skills rendered by the teller. She wasn’t the grouchy or your expressionless service provider.

After almost 2 hours of waiting and disappointments, I’m finally an official client of Bank B…

Do I regret my decision? I’d like to give Bank B another chance. Hopefully, my next banking transactions will manifest a great improvement. Though honestly, even though Bank B will burden me with another set of disappointments, I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE. I have to endure their disappointing services for the benefit of my struggling work life.

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