Series of Unfortunate Events?

I decided to take another mid-week leave today. Believe it or not, the only reason why I took this day off is because I need to open an account to this bank. Unfortunately, I have to comply with this specific bank.

I have to maximize my day so I squeezed in the need to visit my dentist. I must admit that I’ve been reluctant of taking my monthly consultations because that would mean funds to shed off my account. Anyway, I don’t have a choice because my ortho. treatment is still on-going.

On the way to my dentist, I experienced a minor accident…. I was half-way crossing the street when a jeepney decided to overtake another jeepney. I was surprised of the sudden approach of the overtaking jeepney so I decided to back off  crossing the street. I made around two to three steps backward and to my surprise, I was hit by a huge bicycle and loads of goodies on its side cart. The bicycle hit me from my blind side.

In God’s grace, nothing serious happened to me. I was still standing and I was able to walk straight. Though minutes after the accident, I felt a slight pain in my smallest toe and my lower right leg. Hopefully, it will only be a pain that will soon go away. Hopefully, this will not mutate to a long term injury….

I proceed with my appointment with my dentist and as expected, I need to shell out another Php 5,000 again. Phew! But since my dentist never mentioned anything yet, I decided to leave things over.  I’ll handle problems when they came in and not when they are just about to come.

After my dental check up, I finally went to the main reason why I took a leave. I went to this banking institution that claims to be the lead in the Philippines.

I never made any transaction with Bank B because I always preferred the extended banking hours offered by Bank BD. Moreover, I have been a loyal client of Bank BD since I was 9 years old. Believe it or not, I maintained and upgraded the same bank account for more than 20 years.

The positive reputation of Bank B has been thriving in me ever since I started working. When I took my graduate studies, I have a number of classmates who are employees of Bank B. From their stories, I was convinced that Bank B is indeed a reputable and reliable institution. A few months ago, I also attended a seminar that shared the best practices of Bank B. I was impressed with the Customer Service advocacy of the company. So after so much analysis and since I had the need to open an account to Bank B, I made the decision. I should be one of their million clients and believers…

Unfortunately, Bank B failed me. They gave me nothing more than disappointments on our first meeting..
To be continued…

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