Day 30 – Another Mission Accomplished

Finally!!! The challenge is over and I can have my own blogging break 🙂 My second attempt to the 30 day blog challenge is mission accomplished. However, I must admit that I have a number of regrets of not taking this seriously. I made a number of lousy posts. I wrote mostly about negativities and I kept emphasizing of my self-perceived pathetic life. My spirits are down and I know that I have no one to blame but myself.  My number one dilemma has been the bills that have piled up. I finally faced this problem and hopefully, my plans will push through. Before I turn 30, my wish is that I’m finally debt free. If not, I should already be halfway settled with all my bills.

When I did the 30 day blog challenge here and in my other blog, I found myself in the midst of another challenge. Two of the firsts in my life; stepping to another country and my dream international research presentation were both successfully documented here. I must admit though that I was expecting another miracle and blessing as I undertake the challenge. I was secretly wishing for another opportunity that would perk up my sad and lazy self. But this time, nothing arrived. I was disappointed but I believe God wanted something else for me. With or without a blessing, He wanted me to learn to stand up for myself now.

Incidentally, as I write this post I took a leave from work. I never planned this, I swear! The last day of the challenge landed on my much needed leave from work. The weird thing is I took a leave from work even though I don’t have errands to attend. I just wanted a break. I just wanted to wake up without the pressure of snoozing my alarm clock. I have my weekends but for some reason, I felt they are not enough.

Before I chronicle another rant again, allow me to recall some of the few good and bad things.. Hopefully the good news can at least cover up for my negativities

Bad news: Two of my previous freelance clients still left me hanging in the tree of uncertainty

Good news:  I still have two pending freelance works which has really been testing my strength.

Bad news: I’m in debt…

Good news: I won a pair of shades, which I vowed to never purchase. Soon, I will be receiving additional allowance from my hardworked stint as a part time educator

Bad news:  I’ve been accumulating unread books in my room. I felt disappointed because  I’m not like this before. I don’t do book shopping unless I have nothing to read.

Good news: I gave away some of them to some friends, who can become better owners.

Bad news:  I wrote how I felt when some students chose to complain to my direct supervisor, while they all have the means to communicate with me.

Good news: I think the issue was already settled. I explained my side during one of our classes. We also moved on to the actual contents of the course. We’re done with the review lectures

Bad news: I allowed myself to enter another story of false hopes.

Good news: I still have proof have my heart still beats. I’m normal and a perfectly imperfect human.

Bad news: I had an encounter with a colleague and almost their entire department.

Good news: I was given the opportunity to stand up for myself. I have proven to some people that I am silently deadly in the inside.  (with one of my eye brows  raised)

Bad news: I remained as the silent and neglected rank and file employee.

Good news: I don’t have positions and achievements to boast off. But I have priceless and hard earned respect and honesty in my hands.

There you go, I would like to believe that I didn’t make another lousy and lazy post again.

Before I finally end this post, allow me to share a photo I took as soon as I  woke up this morning

Bad news: I still have my noisy neighbor

Good news: The beautiful sky and Instagram can make our humble place look like a piece of heaven on earth.

There’s still sunshine. There’s always another day.


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