Day 29 – Achievement

How many times have I mentioned of this simple principle to success. Most of the self help and inspirational books I read often attribute success to a dream.  The capability to dream is always the first step in becoming successful. Knowing what and where do you want to go and later making all means to that destination are the key requisites to success.

I believe in the principle but in actual life, I never abide with it… This doesn’t mean though that I don’t have dreams. Who doesn’t have one? As I’m writing this post, the dream that lingers on my head is TO GET RICH! Call me shallow and materialistic but that’s what I want now. Perhaps it’s because I paid my bills a while ago and I felt disheartened of the years I have to spend settling my debts. In like manner, I was awaken by the very slim savings account I have. Phew!  Aside from becoming rich, I’ve always wanted to be a respected and humble academic researcher, who receives publications and all those international paper presentation invites. But as of now, this dream is far from reality.

I currently work for the Corporate Planning Office of a school. One thing I learned from my job  is the importance of planning for the entire institution. After knowing what the organization wants to achieve, plans are drafted, printed and submitted to the president.  This job gave me another set of significant learnings.

Corporate Planning teaches us that successful organizations know how to write their dreams and later turn them to reality.  As I’m reviewing the company’s plans, I noticed a significant number of loopholes. Not to insult my employer who is responsible for my livelihood, but I believe this is a mistake common to all organizations.  I found some activities and projects unnecessary for the achievement of one objective. Some offices have this habit of plotting programs and activities that don’t really contribute something significant to the organization.  This has been one of the sources of our office’s headache. We later found that one of the main reasons why we don’t observe that much needed progress is because the path made to the company’s dream wasn’t the right one. We are making roads that lead to nowhere.

When I looked back at myself,  I realized that much of what happened at work is reflected on me.  Did I just got infected? Or was I the one who brings the plague to the company? In any case, having a concrete dream is already my dilemma. I don’t know exactly what I want to happen in my life. The only thing clear to me now is the need to extend my financial resources. As to making my dream happen, it’s another subject I fail. How can someone who is always late, stressed, tired and weary will have a happy and endowed life? How can I be happy and fulfilled if  all I wanted was to lounge in bed and doze off from all the nuisance of the world?


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