Day 28 – Things that still make me happy

I’ve been contributing a lot of negativities in the blogosphere over the past days. To finally stop this vicious cycle, I’ll be writing some of the things that kept and reminded me to continuously hold on over the past days

  1. My family – Quiet weekends with the family is one blessing that I learned to appreciate when I started working. Having been exhausted during the work week, having meals with them, watching TV and sharing those stories after dinner are few of life’s greatest blessings I will always cherish.
  2. Freelance work – My current freelance works are testing me to the fullest. It’s way out of my comfort zone and I’m still learning to unknot the ropes of complications. However, knowing that they are both income and learning opportunities, I should then be grateful enough for having such work.
  3. Cold and rainy weather – The headaches I gain from excessive worrying will surely elevate if the temperature is higher. Good thing, the weather is starting to cool down. The colder temperature is very conducive to my much needed sleep and rest.
  4. Good food – I indulged myself with great food over the weekend. I had homemade nachos for the weekend. On Sunday, I met Client 2 and I dropped by SM Megamall to satisfy my belly cravings. I had my favorite Mochi balls (this makes me crave now) and I finally tried Pepper Lunch for the first time.
  5. Blogging – I started blogging back when I started working. At that time however, I never realized the potential it can bring. Most of them are just online friends, but they are still friends anyway.  Some of my relatives found me here in the blogosphere and I met a couple of friends over the past months as well.

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