Day 21 – A grown up wish

Nine more days and this blogging series will be over. Time really flies so fast, I still feel that Day 1 was just yesterday. This is my third time to engage myself in a challenge to write for 30 consecutive days. The first was made in this blog while the second was in my blogger account. Common mistakes committed for both challenges, I ended up screwing my publish button. I missed uploading one post for both challenges. In my third attempt now, the experience went worst. In case you have noticed, I missed two or three days of blogging. The absence of an internet connection, the workload and my self-imposed laziness defeated my goal of daily writing.

When I started this challenge, I was secretly wishing for something to happen as I fulfill the writing task. It’s only now that I realized that a significant event in my life and career was documented in my first and second attempts of blogging for 30 days. My dream international presentation was like the prodigal son who went back to my life. This was documented in my first challenge. In my other blog where I made the second attempt, the dream for international presentation was fulfilled. While I was still engaged in the challenge, the date of my presentation came in. Everything was documented from the worries, pain and happiness. Sigh… the experience was just so priceless and overwhelming.

Fast forward now, I think I’m creating my life’s own chaos. The bitter truth is it’s self-imposed and self-inflicted. Tardiness, productivity, excessive shopping turned burden of bills to pay, loss of my father’s employment, laziness to complete my freelance works,  I feel the need to render another huge sigh..

As much as I want, I can’t wait for a heaven sent blessing as I engaged myself in this challenge. My only wish is perhaps two to three years from now, I’ll be better and happier when I read this post again.

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