Day 17- Some random thoughts about work

I believe I’m still in my early years of working. It’s been 5 years but it feels like I’ve already worked for a lifetime. I’m not however complaining. I’d rather get tired of working than doing nothing. Working has also opened doors of opportunities that I never thought that I would reach. Less than 10 years of working, equipped with a masteral degree, and I’m still a rank and file employee. I confess that this frustrates me at some point. However, I learned over time that promotion and position are not the full measures of success.

Promotion is advancement in position. It’s great to be promoted, no doubt about that. It’s a dream of every employee. However, I have observed over time that Promotion can be classified as hard worked or hard crawled. Hard worked promotion is priceless. What’s further best with hard worked promotion is the accompanying respect gained from superiors and subordinates. As with the hard crawled promotion? I believe this is one of the best paths to self destruction.

If promotion was hard worked, the succeeding tasks and responsibilities will be done easier especially if requires collaboration with other departments. With the accompanying respect and trust of your colleagues, support, coordination and carrying out of tasks and responsibilities would be easier. On the contrary, the questionable promotion breeds more negativities. How can you generate cooperation and participation if your colleagues don’t even support your existence?

But in any case, if promotion was a product of some doubtful means, the entire workforce has no choice. At the end of the day, we have to make things work. Everyone deserves a chance to prove himself. I believe that at least in our organization, my colleagues give everyone a fair chance. Work and make things happen, you will eventually lose that stigma of questionable promotion. And in my seven years of working, I’ve seen one or two colleagues who were able to savor their own moment of redemption. They worked hard, smart and more importantly, they lived and worked with the value of integrity.

Much of integrity is determined by honesty and truthfulness. At work, these two values are highly important, especially in our company that upholds the teaching of the Catholic Church. If your position was already tainted with inconsistencies, the least that you can do is to work RIGHT. But in reality, what is often perceived as the “should” doesn’t prevail. Over the past days, I had my own taste of how some questionable positions crossed the borders of integrity.

As much as I wanted to detail the events that rattled me over the past four days, I feel that it would be best if I keep things to myself. What I would rather share are a few things that made me thankful and gave me a new set of realizations about work and life.

Composure never fails to save the day. I have proven that this principle never fails to work in those instances when someone is trying to engage me in a spat. For the record, I received one of the hardest slaps of harsh words in my career this week. Award!!

I have been provoked many times (pardon some self proclamation) but I can humbly claim that I never joined their game. I never added fuel to their fire, in like manner that I never sparked any fire. My silent personality is perhaps the main reason why I maintained my hard earned composure. I guess my few years of teaching also made me learn to lengthen my patience. Patience planted from teaching served me well and all those experiences when composure successfully prevailed conditioned me to maintain this attitude.

Whatever happens, always stick with the truth. One of those many values that are always easier said than done. I wouldn’t claim total compliance with this principle. I have my own share of concealing some truth especially when expected accomplishments of the office are concerned. We cover up for things that were left unaccomplished. Hiding the truth is already an offense. However, when hiding the truth meant pulling down some innocent beings to your self-imposed misfortune, it mutates to a disaster and later yields more innocent victims. Yes, I became one of the major casualties of some intentionally maligned information. I was placed at the losing end. I confessed that the situation made me furious to the extent that I wanted to finally break free from my hard earned composure. But in God’s grace, the good in me prevailed. Diplomacy, professionalism and values reigned in me.

After the incident, I realized that in a way, everything that happened was still a blessing. I now know what kind of person they are. I was tested. I was able to show my principles. More importantly, three things surfaced

  1. I learned a lesson.
  2. I was able to teach them their much needed lesson.
  3. I was able to send my message the way I wanted it to be delivered.

I may be caught as the catch basin of a storm. I was the unfortunate underdog. However, I know that I can still walk out with my head held up high because I allowed composure and truthfulness to come our way.

2 thoughts on “Day 17- Some random thoughts about work

  1. The good thing about being an underdog is you get to push yourself outside of your boundaries out of hunger (for success, that is). You also persevere and thus get to look for new openings, build higher self-esteem, get the chance to accomplish the impossible, and become grateful for all the amazing people who have helped you along the way.

    Does Jeremy Lin ring a bell? Yeah, that.

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