Day 15 – Why I love My Princess

1. Because the series stars my ultimate girl crush

Kim Tae Hee is a piece of heaven’s beauty on earth.. God is really unfair 😀

2. A princess should have a prince and so does my fantasies 😀 I watched the series dearly because of Mr. P

3. The series has the element of a touching mother-daughter relationship. Lee Seol (played by Kim Tae Hee) lost his Father, who happens to the concealed son of the Emperor. Ending parentless, Lee Seol grew up in the orphanage and was later adopted by Kim Da-bok. In the process of becoming of a princess, Kim Da-bok was forced to sign a document which nullifies her relationship with Lee Seol. But we all know that relationships that are nurtured by love, time and selflessness could never be abolished by a mere legal document.

4. It’s a story of self redemption – Despite the stupidity and failures, destiny will provide a means for us to redeem and prove to everyone that we can also make things happen.

5. It’s a story of struggle – Struggle to prove one’s self to everyone in the presence of the inevitable antagonists… I CAN SUPER RELATE!

6. Father daughter relationship – Lee Seol lost her Father at an early age. The traumatic experience made her forget part of her childhood memories. On those rare episodes when flashbacks of Lee Seol and her Father are shown, I almost felt like crying.

7. South Korea – The country that interests me these days. I have been hearing and reading positive feedback about South Korea. The culture, beautiful places and its economic advancement interest me these days. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach this place someday.

8. Professor Nam – Another man to drool for LOL

The production team of My Princess was very successful in selecting Ryu-Soo Young to play the role Professor Nam, who happens to be Lee Seol’s greatest crush. He was dressed well and his acting skills carried out the perfectly smart professor.

9. Lastly, the drama series awaken the cheesiness that I never thought to exist in my body 😀

You can have a preview of the entire series here


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