Day 14 – Favorite Movie Character

A lot in my list! Five or several years from now, my response to this question might change. However, the first person that entered my mind now was Andrea of The Devil Wears Prada.

Why Andrea? She is one my favorites because I see much of myself to her character. Yes, I’m not claiming anything on looks. I’m limiting myself to some aspects of her character.

Andrea is a struggling rank and file employee who is just starting to build her career.  When I read the book and watched the movie, it felt like I shared the same situation with her. Back then,  it was only months after I moved out from college and I was just starting to work.  My first months felt like playing blindfold with the unwritten rules of the workplace. Knowing the processes, norms and culture of the office were part of my struggling years. Aside from the working environment, I have to adjust with the boss who always wanted nothing but the best among her staff. I have my own boss-staff stories to tell but I won’t relate them in detail here. Otherwise, some gossipers, squealers and unknown colleague readers will be treated to a feast. LOL

On dressing up and looking good, I’m a bit fortunate because dressing up is not a major requirement in my current workplace. However, being a thin (those were the days), unruly curly (thanks to the wonders of hair rebonding), crooked teeth (thank God I’m almost done with my Ortho. treatment now)  and dark skin (no solution offered), I was always problematic with the way I look. This most of the time become the source of my self-imposed stress.

What I love about Andrea was her ability to later stood up for herself. As mentioned in the film, she gave up the job every woman would die for. She made a sudden decision when she realized where her heart should be. It was an impulsive career move but she had the courage to leave the perks of what seems to be the perfect job. She bravely followed her heart.  I hope I could do that someday too.


Before I prepared this post, I was surprised when one of my few blog followers gave me this

Thank you “The Appletizer

My blog rarely receives hits and visits so things like this are enough to make me happy. For one thing, I can count the number of times I was called “lovely.” I may not be lovely in the physical sense but at least, my blog can work for me 😀


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