Day 13 – The kinds of person I don’t want to become

This post was originally planned as the list of the kind of people I usually hate. It screams so negative and I might end up directly insinuating someone out there 😀 so I made some revisions. To make it a bit discreet, I decided to write down the kinds of person I don’t want to become instead.

1. Queen of Tardiness – Unfortunately, I’m incurring a lot of points to carry the title of this crown. Hopefully, I’ll be able to overcome this hard habit to break. Just when I am making this post, my timekeeping report just arrived. Aaaargh! I don’t want to see those red marks again.

2. Pathetic Attention Seekers – Being a silent and shy person, I always hated people who would do everything to acquire all the attention in the world. Hello Showbiz Industry? 😀  We are human beings and not commodities waiting to be noticed and purchased.

3. Gossipers – You want world peace? Then, shut up 😀

4. Copycats – Who loves them anyway?

5.  Stare-y Creatures – As I have said, I never wanted excessive attention. I want peace and privacy. In like manner that I don’t want to be the source of all  the unnecessary attention in the world.

6. Rude and Tactless –  I have more than enough encounters with these people. I know how it feels to be the catch basin of all the unnecessary and harsh words and actions. The experience leaves me nothing but immortal traces of painful stories. As much as I don’t want to add another negative story in my list, I likewise don’t like the idea of me causing the streaks of pain to other people. I don’t want people to remember me as someone who supplied all those excruciating experiences in the world.

7. Boastful – My quiet personality makes me hate these kinds of people two times. Why do you have to emphasize your possessions and achievements  to gain friends and feel that drop of attention?

8. Cheaters – in whatever form or situation, I would never want to become one of them.  Being a cheater also signifies admission that you are not strong enough to withstand your opponents. On the personal level, cheating for me meant denying yourself of the opportunity to make things work using your own skills and resources.

9. The Greedy Pig – especially those who worships money… The last thing I wanted to happen is for people to identify me as someone who lives for money.

10. The Employee who lives for payday – I may not be the most innovative and valuable employee of our company. I can accept the fact that I’m a wallflower and plain jane in my tiny space. However, I don’t want people to see me as someone who works only for payday. I want my colleagues to see me as someone quiet but can make things happen.

11. The Lazy, Lousy and Grouchy (LLG)  Teacher – Then again, I know I’m not the most loved educator. Students may see me as the ordinary teacher whose subject is I need to pass in order to graduate. Fine, I can settle with that FOR NOW.  However, between the lousy and ordinary, I would never want to become the lousy or the LLG.  The most I want my students to remember me is that I can teach and I exert all means to impart learning.

12. Pretentious – I admit that I don’t like part of who I am right now. I have my own set of insecurities and I’m battling them as much as I can. Most of the time, these insecurities evolve on the physical side, that as they say…. serves only as the coating of the inner most important being. In reality however, we all know that society loves and emphasizes more on looks than the inner nooks. (Fine, I’m getting bitter :D) But despite of everything, I never pretended and forced myself to fit in the shoes of another person. Despite of my rants, complaints and insecurities, I’m thankful of the kind of life I have now… I thank you… LOL

13. The Coño and all those feeling like an English pro speaker – Let’s start with Facebook… Sorry to say but I have contacts who love to post status messages in English, only to find out that errrrrr language-101-subject-and-verb-agreement, hellooo?  Please BEER with me LOL

I admit though that I sometimes need some grammar police in my blog.  Whenever I read my old posts, I cringe whenever I see grammatical errors. But I think we could easily distinguish the intentional and unintentional grammar errrrr If your intention is to sound so high end, then forget it man 😀 It will never work.


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