Day 10 – 10 people I want to meet

A lot in my list 😀 I want to personally meet each of them. However, knowing my poor social skills ,I will surely appear like a dead tree when I encounter even at least one of them.

1. Jeremy Lin – I watch NBA games once in a while. I was a mere spectator. However, when I heard of the LINderella story, I was mesmerized and he became an instant serious crush. Yes I know, he’s not the handsomemest. But his humble beginnings, hardwork and more importantly, the Harvard degree in Economics are more than enough to make me see him as one of the sexiest man alive.

Dearest Jeremy,

I also have a degree in Economics 😀 Can we be friends…first?


Tissue please, am I drooling? LOL

2. Warren Buffet – The man is the greatest creator of wealth. When he was at my age, he was already a millionaire. I’m his perfect opposite now. If he is best in creating assets, I’m best at creating liabilities. Hello bills to pay!

If given the chance to meet him, I will beg him to become my coach and allow him to leash my neck and feet to finally end my shopaholic attacks.

3. Emily Giffin –  This woman intensified my love for chick lits.  She even made me happier last Christmas when she replied to my Twitter greeting

4. Samantha Sotto – My fellow Filipina who successfuly wrote her first international novel, Before Ever After. It’s very rare to see Filipinos in the international field of publication. I admire her talent and humility. She also never fails to make me happy whenever she visits and comments in my other  blog.

When Samantha Sotto shared the story of how she was able to write her first novel, I learned to believe again in the basic  principle of  success.  Before hardwork and perseverance, everything begins with a dream.

5. Anne Hathaway – Need I say more?  Except for Broke Back Mountain, where she surprised everyone, I love her since the days of The Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted and The Devil Wears Prada.

6. Kim Tae Hee – I was never into Korean drama series not until I watched My Princess. This girl brought to life the hopeless romantic in me. Great acting skills matched with the angelic face that belongs to a 30 year old? Between me and Kim Tae Hee, I’m definitely the one who appears like 30.

Kim Tae Hee convinces me that God is not really fair? LOL

7. Song Heung-Heon – Oh my Gaaaaawd! This face is enough to melt my entire body 😀 Song Heung-Heon is Kim Tae Hee’s leading man in My Princess. If I didn’t watch the series, I will not know that this hoooot Korean man exists.

To this, I realize that I have fetish for men with small eyes :p

8. Cecelia Ahern – The author of the best selling PS I love you. She brought back my intense love for reading when I started working.

What I love about her writing style? She has this talent of making me  believe that a person is destined to experience some form of magic at least once in her lifetime.

9. Sophie Kinsella – Another great writer who made the first attempt to chronicle the inevitable addiction of every woman, SHOPPING!!

For one thing, she was able to prove that every woman will have her own  funny and stupid moment. However, every woman  is likewise destined to have her own moment of redemption.  Her works never fails to make me believe that every member of the female populace  is also bound to find the right one.

10. Mark Zuckerberg – Meeeen! You conquered the world!!!!

Started with Facemash, have he ever thought that his pathetic college dropout life then would lead him to own the world?


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