Day 8 – Hard Habit to Break


I used to be a very punctual person. I was known for that from my High School, College until my first years of working. Overtime however, that asset turned to a liability. The perfect attendance awardee is now a statistical leader and close candidate for tardiness suspension.

I know. I know. This shouldn’t be something to be proud off. Tardiness equates to becoming unprofessional. However, I can’t trace the reasons or the days when did I become the princess of tardiness.

Before, I used to freak out when I wake up late. Arriving on time at work was a great deal to me. But today, I never felt an inch of pressure when I’m late.  When I’m running late, the old self would stress herself to hasten things. Today, the current self is a carefree and lousy employee. When I’m running late, I leave things that way. I’m late and there’s nothing more I can do. Let’s leave things to that. No haste and no pressure.

When could I return to my old punctual self?


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