Day 7 – Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,

How are you? As I am writing this post, I’m supposed to savor a day off from work. However, payday is still days away. In effect, I decided to imprison myself at home and wrote this post. Now I’m talking about payday, may I open the topic of wealth and finance? At this point, I hope you have achieved that level of financial independence. You have achieved your dream of a fat savings account, paid insurance, mutual funds investment, a comprehensive health plan and more importantly, credit cards are out of your life.

Health! Aside from financial stability, I hope you are still physically healthy. As they say, a woman’s metabolism decelerates as she age. This is perhaps the main reason why you are troubled by weight problems today. I hope that today, you already went back to your 120 lbs self.

I hope family is still a priority for you. I hope you are devoting enough time for your parents and special brother.

You have been working for years. I hope you are still and happily working. I hope you are still in writing and teaching. I wish that things are stable at the office and teaching still makes you happy.  At this point, I would like to believe that you have addressed the current habitual tardiness that has been causing you some issues between your work and life.

Do you still read? I hope you have already achieved your dream shelf of heavenly reads.

How about friends? I hope you still have the same friends and gained a few who can be trusted and respected.

How about your blogs? By this time, you already have years of archived posts. I can see you blogging and documenting more thoughts and activities in both blogs. Please don’t lose that spark in blogging.

Insecurity and physical appearance issues? You have long been battling this problem. During this time, I hope you have totally addressed that issue.

And that one great wish? I hope God has already granted it. If not, forget it. LOL Be patient and as always, simply go with the flow of life.

More than anything else, I hope this letter reaches you happy and fulfilled.

Your old self


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