Day 5 – Sad Weekend

This is the worst menstrual cramps I had for the entire year. Added to it the slight fever and dizziness, what a way to make a weekend.

I have a lot of plans for the entire weekend. I wanted to finally finish my freelance assignment number 1. The boss may be quiet but I feel that he badly needed it. Freelance work number 2 is yet to start. Sigh…. I’ve been becoming inefficient over the past days, weeks or perhaps months.

Saturday morning, my mother gave me some bad news about my father’s source of income / employment. He is threatened to lose everything because of some unexpected changes. As of date, the only way to resolve everything is to shell out a significant amount of money that will surely deplete my shy and slim savings account. On top of everything, it will be my Father’s birthday next month. Bad news for a birthday present, hooray! Whoever the responsible forces that gave my family this problem, I hope you  and your alliances are more than happy now. I ain’t wish for revenge or anything similar to that. I just hope she knew that it’s not only my family who will be suffering from a sudden bitchy decision. Even then,  my only consolation is I now know that you are just a bi@#$ hiding in that holy dress. Fine, I admit it.  I’m the real antagonist of the story.

Aside from the major financial issue, what is  further bothering me is that my Father refuses to explain everything to me.  I don’t blame him though. For someone who is expected to be the family’s main provider, it’s hard for him to admit that he needs me more than anyone else now.

To conclude all the bad news, one of my greatest girlfriends lost her mother today. It just frustrates me there’s nothing that I can do to console my friend.

Why is everyone around me seemed to be so sad today?


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