Day 4 – Count your blessings

I’m not feeling well as I’m writing this post. I’m nursing a cold, I’m suffering from my monthly menstrual cramps and to cap it all, I have a slight fever.  I woke up this morning feeling weak and my parents related a major financial problem at home. Hello Life! I can totally feel your presence.

I wanted to divert my attention to some things that would make me happy. I wanted to write something that would at least make me smile.  In effect,  I decided to recall some of the blessings that God has been generously endowing to me.


I’m only a part time educator. I’m only given the opportunity to teach whenever the need arises. If our school needs faculty members who can handle the remaining subjects that the full time professors can no longer accommodate, that’s only when I’m given the opportunity to teach. In God’s grace, I was always given my own teaching assignment since 2008.


Above anything else! I can’t imagine living my life without them. They have been my constant source of support and inspiration. If there is one thing I wish for them, it would be good health. I wouldn’t deny the fact that financial issues have been plaguing us but with God’s grace, we were able to surpass everything. I don’t anymore wish more money and all those material wealth for my family. A simple life, happiness and good health are more than enough to make me happy.


I only a have a few and counted friends. My quiet personality has something to do with it. But I’m not after all bothered and worried. I’m thankful to the few who have never left me in those moments of happiness and agonies.


The heaven sent blessing that keeps the last strand of my sanity.  If I can’t immortalize myself in a print publication, then blogging will do.

Sorry for this lousy post. I’m not really feeling well and I’m occupied with a problem I have to resolve. Added to the pending freelance works I owe to my client. Dear God, I hope I’ll be able to surpass everything.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Count your blessings

  1. Hi, I am sorry to read about your health. I hope you get well soon. I was browsing through my comments section at my site and I came across yours. I was wondering, when you feel all right and if you prefer a light riveting read, you could check out my latest post in my blogsite. I wrote a recent book and its a colelction of 12 short stories about clelebrating life through fictional tales with a touch of adventure, inspiration and a bit if funny supernatural elements thrown in a few of the stories. The book synopsis and the book links are mentioned in my latest post at my website.

    Get well soon, and keep smiling! 🙂

  2. Not lousy the truth-sometimes health issues just seem to magnify our situations. As you get better-they seem less daunting! Hope you start feeling better-things will fall into place.

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