Day 2 – Something you wish to relearn

I was always interested in drawing and crafts during my growing up years. I loved my once a week Art classes back in my Elementary years. In my spare time, I always sketch females in their wedding gowns. Obviously, I wanted to be a fashion designer back then.  I extended my interest in this field by joining the Art Club in the middle of my Elementary years. However, most of our activities were focused on craft making. I believe between drawing and craft making, I performed in the latter area better.  I could still recall one of my silent accomplishments was when we were asked to design our own paper weight. The only materials we had then was a smooth stone, scraps of lace, cloth and leftover beads. Everyone is following the design which our adviser sampled. In my case however, I wrapped the stone with a lace, tied a short ribbon and accentuated with  it with some bead pearls.  My paper weight looked liked an ordinary gift pack, but it was unique. I was the first to introduce the design and you know what happened later. A number of my org. mates followed. But I never cared. I never treated their works as copycats. I felt happy and accomplished because our teacher recognized my humble piece.

In my last year in Elementary, my interest suddenly changed. I found myself in the Writer’s Club whose main responsibility is to produce the Filipino version of the school’s newsletter. My short stint in the writing club gave me my first ever publication.

In my High School years, I lost the interest in Arts and Writing.  I was about to apply for the High School Art Club but I backed out because I know I wouldn’t pass their rigorous screening process. I realized that time that my interest and self taught skills in Art is in crafts and not drawing. Unfortunately, the High School’s Art Club’s activities are more concentrated on portrait and sketching. I never dared to sign up for the Writer’s Club because I knew from the start that I don’t write well in English. I once remember applying for their adopted members group. I passed the screening but I never continued attending the meetings. In fairness to the officers, they treated us well.  However, I felt some inferiority and belittlement because of the fact that we were merely adopted and unofficial members.

Fast forward now, I have to thank the world of the blogosphere because the frustrated writer in me is given the chance to write again. As to arts and crafts, I feel that it would take another lifetime for me to regain my interest and self-learned skills in this field.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Something you wish to relearn

  1. Hi Diane! Same here. I thank blogging for giving me the channel for writing. It’s a passion I can’t pursue because I’m not very good at it. As for crafts, it’s a little expensive to make it a hobby yet but if I can earn and make crafts at the same time, I think I’ll make time for it. 🙂

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