The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Part II

Life has not been good over the past months. Fine, I admit it. It’s me who haven’t been good to my life. How and why? Even my pathetic self can’t explain. All I can say is that my old good self is gradually moving away. Unfortunately, work has been the casualty of my seasonal sadness attacks.  I can really feel the difference of my old energetic and enthusiastic self years ago vs. my current lousy and negligent self. Before, I would always qualify for the monthly perfect attendance award. My everyday accomplishment would fit a page in my journal. Today? I’m the complete opposite. I always feel exhausted despite of the lesser workload. My daily accomplishment is sometimes even negative. Phew! I overeat. I believe I will soon hit the record for the statistical leader in tardiness.

Before the month of May ended, I know that this blog turned 2 years old.  On the first anniversary of my blog, I engaged myself to a 30 day blog challenge.  For this year, I wanted to repeat the challenge too. However, the hormones responsible for releasing my laziness and sadness attacks prevailed. I’m not giving up though. Weeks after my blog’s 2nd birthday, I decided to finally engage in this challenge again.

I wanted something to happen after the challenge. I wish my old, hardworking and energetic self would resurrect. But I know, it would never work that way. I know that at the end of the day, I will be responsible for bringing back my life. With that in mind though, I’m still decided to pursue the challenge. Whatever will be the outcome of this challenge, I don’t know.  As always, I’m allowing myself to be moved by the flow.


One thought on “The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Part II

  1. This is a great start Diane. It’s probably just a period everyone of us experience from time to time. Good luck with your goal I’m sure you’ll find the zest again sooner or later. Btw, I like how blog looks currently. 🙂

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