Day 1 – Life a year ago

I read the post I made last June 7, 2011. You can refer to it here.

I was still adjusting to my 7 am classes. I used to handle classes after office hours. However, the Office of the Dean gave me for the first time, the earliest classes in our school. I usually wake up before 5 am and leave home before the clock hits 6 am. My early months were good. I arrive at work 15 to 30 minutes before my class starts. However, that diligent lifestyle didn’t reach the end of the semester.  I would not like to detail how I became the late and lousy professor then.

I also mentioned in that one-year old post that  I was wearing my first pair of Anthology flats. For those who are close to me, you know that flats are my constant addiction. Shoes particularly flats never fails to make me happy.

Before I ended my June 7, 2011 post, I ranted about a rude member of the male populace. I was cursing someone. To my surprise, I can’t recall the specific person who agitated me. I swear, I can’t recall whoever was that jerk. But I think it’s better that I forget whoever that person was. My heart has been full of sadness and frustrations these days that I couldn’t anymore accommodate other negative sentiments.

Fast forward now, what I’m doing?

I ‘m again given a unique teaching schedule. I teach at 11: 30 am just in the brink of my lunch break. I return to office work later and teach again at 5:30 pm. Let’s see how this system works for me this semester.

I have been blessed with freelance works this year. It started with a relative who bragged but never paid. I had two succeeding clients who decided to play catch-me-if-you-can. I gained two clients who were willing to pay a higher professional fee. However, the work required was out of my comfort zone. Incidentally, I have a deadline to beat for them. But see what I’m doing, blogging instead of working.

I don’t know what’s bound to happen in my life over the next months. Hopefully, my new classes are easy to handle. I can finally receive my professional fee. I can settle my bills. I can finally replace my antique Nokia E63. But most of all, I wish that my old and energetic self will return.


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