Dear Someone

Warning: another rant and bitter post

Dear Someone,

Allow me to conceal your identity by calling you “colleague.” I don’t know if you have something against my existence. I tried my best recalling instances that perhaps caused a rub between us. Our offices were never intertwined and become collaborated to a certain task. Hence, I can never think of a situation that have sparked a silent and cold war between us.

However, you seem to take some unexplained revenge on me through Facebook. First and foremost, I’m not a celebrity or an actress that demands for attention. So don’t bother to give me those opportunities. Sorry but I’d like to be more frank this time. Please stop taking those stolen shots of my huge face, uploading them in Facebook, tagging me and receiving those thousands of hits. The next morning, I would suddenly encounter unexplained smirks, murmurs, giggles and teases from some colleagues as I am approaching their way. @$&/!

There are a hundred more beautiful faces at the workplace who are willing to have their pictures taken. Please divert your attention to them. They badly needed you.

You see, my self confidence has become a scarce resource these days. If it is really silent revenge that you want, then I guess you are succeeding. Seeing stolen pictures of myself with my mouth wide open, closed eyes and crooked face, what more could I ask for?

Please, leave me some peace.

One thought on “Dear Someone

  1. you didn’t specify whether this person is male or female. i assume he’s a male. what he’s doing is unacceptable and should be considered as a kind of bullying. he maybe jealous of you or something. the more you pay attention to it, the more he’ll get the incentive to do it. just ignore it. it will come to pass.

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