Writing warming up!

Freelance works have always been a part of my long prayers. Since I only report to work from Mondays to Fridays, I know my lazy self can still accommodate jobs that can augment my very slim and shy bank account. 😀

My “thick faced” clients caused me some verbal diarrhea in my previous post. Unfortunately, their silence is continuously feeding my system agitations, stress that will soon mutate to cancer cells. If by chance they will pay me, I know the compensation is not even enough to render one chemotherapy session. Oh dear God, please don’t allow.

I won’t rant anymore about them. When I started writing this post, my original intention was to share a current freelance work that has been placing me to a challenge.  The research work I’m venturing thrives outside my comfort zone. Honestly, I had tons of  reluctance before accepting the job. But the the pending yet unfiled estafa case 😀 and the idea that opportunities only knock once convinced me to render my sweetest yes.  

It was all happiness when two works came in a row. Writing, learning and money! Money! Money! It felt like heaven when I was able to seal the deal. However, the happiness only settled for a while. When I started receiving only two hours of sleep, bloated eyes, pimples, splatter of unlimited facial oiliness, stress eating and weight gain, what the hell am I doing with myself?

I know I don’t have the right to complain because I’m paid or should I say, I will hopefully be paid. Oh please, not another estafa case again. I’m actually happy and thankful deep inside. At the end of the day, I know the reason why they chose me is because they believe in my capability. The idea that people see me as someone who can save them from the hell of writing a paper already flatters me.  

I’m writing this post within office hours and I know! I’m guilty of stealing hours and resources from my full time job. To my defense, my job entails me to write anything that the boss says.  Let’s just say that this is part of my daily writing exercise. I need to warm up  to get things going and I’m using this blog as my excerise machine. 😀

Now that I have perked up my writing senses, I should start the real thing. I’d better be going. Wait, my watch says 11:51 am. Oh well, I’ll be off for lunch in a while. 😀 See you later real work!

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