Too much cheese leads to this disease

My friends will surely disown me after reading this post.  But right now, the hopeless romantic in me is dying in the heaven of cheesiness.  The one to blame for my hormonal imbalance  is the shallow drama series, My Princess.

And LET ME EMPHASIZE, I’m referring to the Korean series that stars my ultimate Asian girl crush,  Kim Tae Hee.

Some might have mistaken my addiction to the local soap opera filmed in Bhutan. Oh please, I’m way too old for that.

The series was aired in a local channel last year but I managed to watch I think one or two short episodes. Either the air time of the series was in the afternoon or before the late night news, I can’t remember. I think I saw the teaser once and my attention was caught because of Kim Tae Hee. Back then, my mind was perhaps too preoccupied to accommodate another addiction. When a blog friend shared how her own hopeless romantic sentiments sparked up after watching My Princess, it felt contagious so here I am getting infected and plagued by my own cheesiness.

As much as I wanted to purchase a DVD compilation, my DVD player at home finally laid to  rest and my illegal source of drama series was relocated somewhere out there.  😀 Last resort, I patiently watched the equally illegal fragmented clips in the ever deep archive of You Tube.

Before I started my current freelance works, a fast internet connection, my struggling netbook and You Tube became my regular weeknights to dawn companions. I would be up until 2 am patiently searching for the episodes in clips.

And among the many episodes I patiently waited to load, this one triggered my hopeless romantic and cheesiness hormones.

Dear God,

If you will give me my own Mr. P.,  I can let go of those clients who both broke my heart and pocket. Do we have a deal? 😀


Okay friends, I’m ready. Disown me until the cheesiness in my blood subsides.

UPDATE: My phone beeped and here’s the message:

“Friendship, tulog lang yan. Lilipas din yan.”

11 thoughts on “Too much cheese leads to this disease

  1. Hehe, the one koreanovela that really got me hooked starred that young man, too, as ‘Johnny’. Endless Love/Autumn Tale. I don’t think any other koreanovela became as popular here in Pinas as that. Have you seen it?

    1. Yup. After Taiwan’s Meteor Garden, the famous F4, I think that started the trend of Korean novelas. Oh my, did I mentioned about history of these Asian drama series. I’m an in denial fan pala LOL

  2. Gotta love it. I’ve never really been into asianovelas. I guess my corny quirks are extremely cheesy pinoy flicks. My favorite would be the Aga-Regine tandem in Pangako Ikaw Lang. I also love John Lloyd Cruz. haha…

  3. Haha, is this another case of lactose intolerance? I love Kim Tae Hee, next to Jeon Ji Hyun that is. This looks like a nice series. The only Korean drama I’ve watched from first to last episode was Rosy Life. It’s not romantic though, it had me crying several times!

    1. I’m not a huge fan ok Korean novelas too. I just watch one or two episodes. But this one got me really hooked, which I still deny up to this date 🙂 I think I was able to see some episodes of Rosy Life. If I’m not mistaken, it had a sad story too right?

      1. Depressing… It’s about betrayal of spouses. What about this? Is this sad too? What I loved about Korean love story is that the girl tends to be too innocent even when the whole world knows that the guy is already in love with her. You know, it’s like “pakipot” in our culture. Haha.

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