What makes you beautiful?

While waiting for my flight back to Manila, I purchased a UK based issue of OK Magazine. I initially don’t have plans of buying the magazine because I was never interested to the lives of those American and European celebrities. However, I realized that I still have a number of HK coins. The coins will be useless as soon as I arrive in Manila because money changers only accept bills. Rather than collecting those coins, I decided to buy the magazine that could afford the last few coins left in my pocket.

The most that my coins could afford was the March issue of UK’s OK magazine. Faced with no choice, I purchased the magazine and boarded to the plane.

I started reading the articles though I can only identify a few of those featured celebrities. Most of them, I never heard in my entire lifetime. Traveling alone and fighting boredom, I read an article that transcribed an interview with Holly Willoughby. I obviously don’t know her and for heaven’s sake I don’t even know how to pronounce her family name. I learned that Holly will be the host of UK’s version of The Voice. If not because of my colleague, I also wouldn’t know the reality TV show, The Voice.

As I was reading the article, my attention was caught on this

Please focus your attention to this question

“How do you manage to always look so sexy and glamorous while being a hands on full-time mother of two?”

I love Holly’s honesty. It was one of the best answers I’ve ever heard! Holly particularly acknowledged the team responsible for her looks. She also admitted that she’s human and she doesn’t look good all the time.

Not that I hate or criticize the culture in the local showbusiness, but if the same question was posted to a typical local celebrity, I bet a different story will be related. Some boxed responses we might be reading are the following,

It’s all because of my family who makes me happy.

I guess, it’s in our family’s genes.

I exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

I guess it’s all because of my positive outlook. Beauty comes from within after all.

I drink more than eight glasses of water everyday.

and the answer that deserves an award!

It’s all because of Product XYZ. It is rich in Vitamins A to Z that helps make your younger and glowing.

LOL! Sometimes, it’s not really bad to be true and brutally honest.

Photo credit: UK OK Magazine’s March 2012 issue


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