Shallow, Silly, Something

Weekends are supposedly rest days. These are two counted days when I can finally wake up without hitting the snooze button of my phone. Sleep deprivation is compensated every weekend, especially now that my classes are over. No need to cram to prepare lectures and examinations, for the win!

Sleep… that’s what usually makes my weekend. Before my trip to Taiwan, I wanted to shed off those lbs so jogging was part of my weekend. But when I returned to Manila, faced with so many teaching tasks, I gave up jogging. Now that classes are over, I’m not sure when I can pushed back my lazy ass to wake up early and jog again.

Now that my bulk of teaching work have subsided, I returned to my most coveted sleeping marathon. So how do I pamper myself with sleep? I usually drown myself watching TV till early morning. I sleep at around 1 am and woke up at around 11 am. I take my breakfast/lunch, bath time and sleep the entire afternoon. I wake up at 6 pm, dinner, and drown myself to TV again.  Nominate me now to the healthiest kid award!

Though I consume more than the prescribed sleeping hours, there are instances when I don’t feel well rested at all. When my phone keeps beeping or whenever I’m faced with a bad dream. And this is actually the main reason why I am writing this post.

I dreamt that I was getting married. Phew!  Oh, honestly that wasn’t actually clear from the dream. What I remember is I have a wedding gown. I arrived home with a familiar elegant box waiting for me. The box has this inside

The wedding gown was strapless and has this mermaid inspired cut. To be honest, not really my dream wedding gown. My flabs and bulges will definitely say hello with this style.

Because if I were to choose my gown, I wanted it to be something like any of these

Photo from Weddings Inspirasi
Photo from Wedding Dresses Forever

Fine, I admit it. I enjoyed googling for wedding gowns. So I almost ended up making My-Dream-Wedding-Gown-post

I’m not sure whether the gown came from my mom. All I know was the gown was intended for me. I never saw my groom or any other wedding detail. Weird thing is that though I dislike the gown, I never complained. I whole heartedly accepted it.

And that was it. That was the end of my silly dream. Shallow and silly, but the dream keeps driving me insane.

Fine, another confession to make. I only dreamt of me being married twice.  The first was I married a local celebrity, who doesn’t even know that I exist in the planet. I had this dream in my college years. When I started working, I dreamt of my wedding day. The weirdest thing is I never saw my groom. I was all prepared, but no church, groom and all those things that will make a wedding.. I mean marriage.

For the longest time, wedding, marriage and relationships are topics I really avoid. If you have been reading my blog, you might have notice that I never dealt with any ot these topics. Why? The answer is plain and simple. I can’t relate. How can I impart something that I have never experienced in the first place. I have always been tagged as the ugliest, bitter and forever unfortunate single female in the family. I am the unfortunate female, who doesn’t have a man to brag and introduce during family reunions. And honestly, I’ve been getting used to it.  Anyway, I can always plant excuses and escape family gatherings.

Whether my dream, means nothing or something, I don’t know. All I know is that some signs or messages are telling me something…