What is the best job in the world?

What is it about mothers?

We may not be all mothers but each of us are sons or daughters of our respective mothers.  Whenever we talk about mothers, expect the sudden outpour of emotions.  I’m sure each of us have our own touching stories about our mothers. I bet that even the toughest guy on earth will feel his heart melt when asked to relate about the love of his mother.

Motherhood is often perceived as a job for the weaker being, the female populace. Though I don’t discount the fact that there have been males who embraced the task of motherhood. The thing I’d like to raise is the ironic branding for  females as the weak and emotional beings. However, when those tough guys are caught crying or are simply asked to identify the “greatest love” of their life, their mothers would surely receive instant recognition. How come it only takes a mother to defeat all the powerful men in the world?

I’m not a mother but I have high respect for motherhood. It takes a great woman to raise a child. The job is the toughest but definitely the most rewarding for any woman.

Here’s a video clip I found that honors the priceless and heroic efforts of all the mothers in the world



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