Crazy Thing About Teaching

I can’t count the number of times I ranted about my love-hate relationship with teaching. I made a number of emotional posts about teaching here and in my other blog. However, despite the stress and occasional heartaches I gained from teaching, I still see myself in this profession on the next years. If my institution will continue to provide me  part time teaching assignments, I will whole-heartedly accept this noble and humbling opportunity.

At least in our school, students are given the chance to give grades to their respective professors. Students are required to assess the performance of their teachers using a questionnaire with a rating scale. Aside from the numerical ratings, the students are also given the opportunity to leave comments in the evaluation.

In God’s grace and my students’ mercy :), I have been receiving decent performance ratings over the past years. And I am more than happy, contented and thankful on the “above passing” grades given by my students. Let me take this opportunity also to emphasize that I am not one of those teachers who aim to be one of the statistical leaders in the evaluation ratings. I don’t teach to build a “sweet coated goodie” image of myself. I’ve said many times that the reason why I remain in the teaching profession is because it’s a dream or as they say, a calling,  that has been thriving in my blood. If given the chance to assess myself though, what my students remember about me 5 to 10 years from now,  is the real evaluation.

When the school year is over, this is only when we can view the assessment results we receive from our students. This morning, one of my colleagues informed me that our evaluation results are already available for online viewing. As I have said, I am thankful and appreciative of the decent evaluation ratings I received. More than the ratings though, I always look forward reading the comments from my students.

One of the sections I’m handling gave me these series of comments

But my attention was caught on the following comments

i love her teaching style, yung paulit ulit yung lesson para magretain sa silly-heads namin yung mga tinuturo niya :) ” (I love her teaching style. She repeats her lectures to ensure that the lessons are retained to our “sillyheads”)

My response:

My Dearest Student,

I beg to disagree. You are not a bunch of sillyheads. You only feel silly because you felt lazy to review our lectures. Sorry, if I sound like your mother or grandma, who keeps on reminding you of things every now and then.

Ma’am D.

i admire her patience, yung kahit konti na nga lang kami, pero sobrang kukulit pa, natitiis pa rin niya. ” (I admire her patience. Though we are only a few students enrolled in her class, she can still handle our peskiness)  

My Dearest Student,

I admit that there were days when I felt like I was losing my self-worth because some of you seem to ignore my presence. There were days when I felt like I was a promo/demo girl in a department store who keeps on talking despite being ignored by busy shoppers.

But then, I told myself that this was perhaps my karma too. On the other hand, you helped me to improve my patience. For that, thank you.

Ma’am D.

Oh my dearest college kids! You never fail to make me laugh, cry and get crazy. This is perhaps one of the many reasons why I remain in this profession.

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