When I discovered the happiness in Online Shopping

I never bought the idea of online shopping…..before! Since I worked hard for every cent in my wallet, I want my purchases to be nothing but the best and perfect fit . I was never settled with the idea of buying a piece of clothing without ever fitting it. I was also convinced that sometimes, clothes look beautifully deceiving to the teeny weenie built of the models.

I think this conviction will soon vanish when I discovered some happiness and fulfillment in the fast process of online shopping yesterday.

I live in a country where online shopping is only starting to proliferate. Most people I know also don’t like the idea of buying something they only see from their computer’s monitor. Safe and secured online shops also rarely exist in the Philippines. The most that we have here are Multiply and Sulit, where money back guarantee and customer support are not available. They are like sites where you can shop at your own risk.

I’ve been following a few fashion bloggers and I recently encountered the online shop called Zalora. I was simply interested so I hopped to their site. And what happened next? I was brought to a heaven of shoes, clothes and bags.

I was overwhelmed but at that point, I’m still convinced that no purchase will ever be made. I’m firm with the idea that I’m just window shopping and I prefer to make purchases in the actual site of the store.  This remained true not until I found one of my trusted shoe brands.

I learned that local brand, Anthology is selling in Zalora. I browsed and I found one of the shoes in my wish list. Boom! Though I already know my size in Anthology, my heart remained still. However, I was struck with their discounted offer. New shoppers are automatically given a Php 250 gift voucher. Wow! If I will wait for a mall wide sale, the maximum discount I could ever receive was perhaps a 10% off from the original price. The Php 250 giveaway went music to my heart and soul. So off the shopaholic hormones were released and I made the purchase. Just when I promised myself that I will never again use my credit card, look what I am doing now. Someone has to slap me for real now.

My relationship with online shopping is growing stronger when I learned that Zalora can deliver my orders within 3 hours. Wow! Unfortunately, Zalora wasn’t able to beat their 3 hour delivery guarantee. I received my pair after 4 hours, which I could forgive at this point. I believe some shops can ship after a day to weeks. Receiving my purchase in the same day I ordered it is more than enough happiness.

The happiness from online shopping

will soon starve and make me the next Rebecca Bloomwood.


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