I never had plenty of friends. Dear God knows that very much.I was never everyone’s apple of the eye. I was never Miss Congeniality and I prefer things to remain that way. I am contented and thankful with the few real friends God has given me.

Anna was one of my few real friends. I met her back in grade four, when we were around 10 years old. We were classmates, seatmates and friends. Though I know, I wasn’t that good to her, she remained a loyal and trusted friend. We parted ways years later. We were able to renew our friendship in our senior year in High School. She was one of those counted persons who would recognize my hardships and capabilities. The words of appreciation, trust and admiration I never experienced from my family and own group of friends, Anna provides.

We went to different universities during our college years. Surprisingly, the distance and the rare moments we were together strengthened our friendship. Before, I was never interested to basketball and the few handsome players. 🙂 She influenced me to watch PBA and that’s when I learned and discovered the feel of having inspirations… I mean crushes. 🙂 We saved up money to watch a live ball game. I even sacrificed one of my Sundays, which I usually devote for family and studies, to accommodate our dream of securing the autographs of our crushes. Though we have exams the next day, I never cared. I was happy with our mini escapade.

When we started working, I lost some friends from the past. It was only Anna and Anne who never left me. We would go malling once a month and pigged out with the best dishes in town. You were my only friend who would dare to splurge with food.

When Anna joined the growing call center industry, our meetings became less often. She was often tired and sleepy during the day because of her graveyard schedule. I distanced myself because I don’t want her to feel that I am becoming a demanding burden than a friend. I shared less of myself and I waited for her to reach out to me.

When you resigned from your job, I knew you weren’t happy. You have lots of fears and apprehensions. With Anne’s help, we were all together again. Our dream of having a sleep over in your house finally came true. Little did I know, those were the last hours that we will all be together.

You have bravely won your battle Anna. You have touched so many lives in your 28 years of existence and I believe only a few people can do that. God loves you much that He chose not to let you suffer more. He perhaps felt that you have rendered enough to prove yourself.

You have formed a part of me. And I know that part of myself will never be complete again. A lifetime will never be enough to rebuild that lost part of myself.

Rest in peace my friend.

2 thoughts on “Anna

  1. She’s in heaven now and God is telling you not to worry bout

    Hi Dianne,

    seldom I can drop by at your blog and rare to leave a comment but I really thank you coz you’re making my boring days at work a lively one whenever you do a post.I’m subscribed via email and through that I have the freedom to read your post without throwing myself on the net since its prohibited in our work area.Good thing we have this intranet..
    keep blogging..=)

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